SpiritQuest 2012 was brimming with gifts and insights. Each Quest has a way of showing us what it is truly about–a little before we arrive, more while we are there, and then even more when we arrive home.

Three circles of insight showed themselves to me as I meditated with Reverend Ariann at the Sacred Fire we still hold in our hearts. If SpiritQuest touched your heart, whether you were there in person or in Spirit, I invite you to join me in reflecting upon the experience of these circles in your own life.

 As creators of our own reality, and as observers of the ripples, waves and reflections we create, these circles of observation give us some beautiful places in which to bring our heartful attention.

Circle One–Within the Sacred Feminine, we experience tremendous ease and grace as we trust in the grand plan of creation, and the role of each being within it.

Circle Two–We experience peace, creativity and joy in the union of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine through the satisfying love that comes through brother-sister relationships.

Circle Three–The spirit of the child self within us leads us with loving abandon into the arms of the Divine.

These beautiful interlocking circles provide us with focus for the next 12 months as we unfold in the mysteries that this Quest offers and prepare for next year’s ceremonies.  (Each year’s ceremony is like a wave that builds energy for the next wave.)

Consider which of these three circles might be calling you the most right now. You might even want to take your reflection into the first step of the Creation Meditation as you hold its essence in your love.

It seems our collective conscious awakening is asking us to become ever more mindful that we influence life with our minds, hearts and action. What we see around us is the direct reflection of our own thoughts and choices.

I’ve noticed this theme emerging across the letters and postings on the web with a great frequency this week. Perhaps this supports us in our preparations for 2012. This post from Jeff Marziarek’s Ponder Central e-mails calls us to consider our true potential for joy through personal responsibility:Adopting the mindset that you do indeed cause/create all of the circumstances you experience in life, even if you don’t recall doing so consciously, opens the door to the potential for greater joy by removing you from the backwards-focused paralysis of blame. It also transports you into the now moment of responsibility, where you can actually take action to resolve problems and issues.In that regard, I will never forget the following statement made during a presentation by a gifted motivational speaker named Brian Tracy: “Blame looks backward; responsibility is today.” What a simple yet powerful concept! Either you accept responsibility, which is focused in the present moment where solutions can actually be identified and implemented, or you stay mired in the past by pointing the finger of blame at other people, at yourself, at God, etc.    — Jeff Maziarek, “Spirituality Simplified”

When the heart is truly open, there is no blame. When the heart leads the way, there are many opportunities for peace and joy. Let us explore the gifts of SpiritQuest and all this year has to offer with our hearts wide open to receive the wonders of creation!