Some years ago my hormones were so far out of balance I was producing as much testosterone as a boy in puberty. Intuitively, I knew I needed to understand and heal the reason my female body was becoming male, seemingly on its own and without my conscious permission.

I began listening to urgings from my silent meditations to embrace yet more stillness and less activity in my life. In a process of getting quiet and listening with compassion to my thoughts and feelings, I uncovered and healed the abuse that caused me to break-faith with being feminine.

Along with talk therapy, good hormone therapy, some deep emotional processing, and the support of skilled healers from several disciplines, I finally brought my body into balance.

The same has been true for my clients. Those who address the emotional content behind the physical illness tend to heal more rapidly and with lasting results.

When someone tells me no physical treatment they have tried is making any long-term
difference, I recommend they consult their emotions. Buried feelings of emotional pain are often blocking even the most aggressive healing treatments.

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