During the past holiday week, I have been blessed to be sharing our home with some very dear friends. As I said goodbye to the last of our guests, I felt a peaceful, warm, fullness in my heart.

Holidays in my family of origin often produced a dichotomy of feelings for me. On the the one hand, I loved the magic and fun holidays seemed to produce; and at the same time I strained under the rude words expressed by stressed family members. Holidays were filled with an imbalance of high expectations and not nearly enough compassion.

Fortunately, eleven years with SpiritQuest has taught me that by reversing the order of focus — increasing compassion and becoming non-attached in regard to expectations — allows people to enjoy the beautiful result of living in joy, harmony and fulfillment with others.

By opening our home, with that focus in our hearts, my husband and I enjoyed a peaceful and fun holiday season with several beautiful people who were holding the same focus in their hearts. We found a wonderful rhythm together as we shared this house for nine days. I watched with delight as old wounds around stressful holidays slipped away to become a celebration of each other and the season.