by Reverend Misa

What is this fear we experience as we grow closer to what we most want?  Is it unworthiness we feel?  Are we afraid we won’t be able to sustain happiness and joy once we embrace it?  Are we concerned it is too good to be true, and therefore, dismiss what we desire?

Great Mystery, today I choose to overcome the obstacles that keep happiness at a distance from me. I choose to live the life I long for. I choose happiness. I recognize my choice is really the beginning of a journey and I accept the challenge to look deeply into my beliefs.  I am willing to understand how I create my world of both unhappiness and happiness in my effort to discover greater joy.  I commit to persevere until happiness is the way I live my days.

When I experience happiness, I will celebrate the moment.  When I experience unhappiness, I will investigate the fear that lives behind my sorrow or anger.  And I will lovingly transform fearful doubts into new beliefs–beliefs that fully accept happiness as a way of life.  I will nurture those new beliefs until I experience and know happiness in every cell of my being.

From “The Everyday Mystic”