This beautiful story came from my friend Jade Wah’oo, a powerful spiritual teacher. I thought you might enjoy hearing the end of the story….

So, upon a pyramid built of mud, in a land where the average rainfall does not even exist (as it never rains, and yet here were 25 square kilometers of mud-made pyramids… hmmmm) I sat. I sat atop the pyramid and pondered the life and existence of these peoples who had lived here before this time.

And I placed myself and my life in reference to them. We know not one thing of their conflicts, nor of the choices any given individual faced in making the right choice for their own happiness and peace of mind. Nor did we know the assessments and judgments that their fellow cultural members made upon them.

And this is what I realized, the epiphany that forever has changed my life:

No one remembers. And in a hundred years no one will remember Jade Wah’oo. Let alone in a thousand years. Given this, why should I let anyone else’s opinion about my life and my choices have any bearing upon me whatsoever? There is no standard of cultural determination that is consistent, in our era nor throughout the history of humanity. The only determiner of my choice is my own conscience that guides me true each and every moment of each and every day.

No one else, regardless of their status or posture or righteousness, has one iota of significance for my life and how it is that I live it! And if we can no longer remember these ancient peoples and the choices they made, why should I let anyone stop me from being the fullest living expression of my Spirit’s purpose, or limit my experience of life in the slightest?

I walked down from that pyramid free, and have since set forth upon the path of my own liberated enjoyment of life lived to its fullest.