Mystery of Life,

Today I honor the Spiritual Warriors, so often forgotten and misunderstood.

I honor those who stand firm in their convictions to give of their own lives in order to protect the well-being of others.

I honor those who continuously strive to bring forth truth, even when the truth is elusive.

And I honor those who serve, with unending love and labor, those who are sick, disabled, in greater need, or are on their way to the other side of the veil.

kindness-1197351_640I honor those who continue to find faith in and have hope for those who have lost their way.

I honor those who in the worst of circumstances are kind toward others and do so with a cheerful heart.

And I honor those who, though depressed, still open their hearts to love.

I honor those who are quick to help others in their need, especially when a crisis has occurred.

I honor those who choose over and over again to live in harmony with Mother Earth.

And I honor those who persistently create new ways to better use our resources, even when they are receiving little support.

daisy-847045_640I honor those who face their personal challenges with heart and persistence.

I honor those who find enough compassion for the demons within that they transform oppression into freedom.

And I honor those who day-by-day, step-by-step fall in love with the Divine within them and in all of life.

Spiritual Warriors are everywhere, yet too often unrecognized and unseen. Today, dear Mystery, I am witness to them and hold them in my heart and gratitude with reverence.