arlington-national-cemetery-354846_640by Reverend Misa

A great spiritual warrior once said, “It is good to know what you are willing to live for, but do you know what you are willing to die for, because that is the true measure of your life.”

Great Mystery,

There are those that walk upon this earth who do know what they are willing to die for.  Whether or not I would choose to die for the same belief, perhaps matters less than recognizing the strength of their lives in their willingness to give their very breath, their very heart-beat to uphold it.

grandpa-777449_640For whatever pain they may have suffered here on earth, I wish them joy. Whatever struggles they faced, I wish them peace. Whatever memories they wish they could forget, I wish them solace.

May the gift of their sacrifices become motivation, for all of us, to commit to our deepest beliefs, our most profound reasons for being here, with the same courage and resolve that our veterans have lived.

soldier-870392_640Through their sacrifices, may we be motivated to create life on earth with so much love and compassion that the sons and daughters of our veterans will be able to fulfill the depth of their convictions in the same way that spiritual warriors serve during times of peace—building their communities.

May the life of each veteran we meet remind us that within each of us there is something profound worth dying for.