Today we honor the life giving breath of mother.  We honor the women who have given their bodies, hearts and spirits to bringing new life into the world, whether they were giving birth to children or to dreams.  We recognize the challenges, sacrifices, dedication and love that so many women have been willing to embrace in order bringpregnancy-466129_640forth and nurture life.

We give thanks for the mothers who have touched our hearts, whether they have been our own mothers, grandmothers, and great grandmothers, whether they have been employers, employees, co-workers or friends, whether they have been aunties, sisters, cousins, or daughters.

For every mother who ever wrapped her arms of understanding around us, for every mother who kissed a bruise, for every mother who tolerated us as we rebelled in self-discovery, for every mother who believed in us, for every mother who saw the best in us, we give thanks.


We celebrate the mothers who have faced momentous challenges, yet still found it within themselves to love us, encourage us and provide for us.

We forgive the mothers who were overwhelmed by the challenges of life, unable to live in their brightest light, but who underneath their pain, carried deep within their souls the precious nature of mother.

mother-388663_640We bless the women in our lives with health, happiness and wealth beyond what they might ask for themselves, because mothers are so often quick to take care of everyone else.

Recognizing this, we are willing to be the hands and hearts of the Divine that acknowledges the Sacred Mother within each woman.

Today, on Mother’s Day, we give humble thanks.  Because of the spirit of Sacred Mother that has lived within women, we are better people; we are nobler races; we are a greater humanity.