Sweet inspiration is birthed in the embrace of you who loves me. With a sword drawn from my heart, pulse by pulse, I cut away the webbing that binds me from love, as my heart beats flashes of longing. Freed from my self-made barrier, I easily breathe in the gift of your being.

I breathe in your precious beauty like a lover drinking from your cup. Savoring you for a moment, my heart holds the wonder of you. Slowly, I release my breath, returning to you, your own sweet essence warmed in the adoration of my love.

candle-1051963_640I look deeply into the well of your beauty–beauty you had forgotten existed, and in that moment I see the absolute wonder of your soul.  You see it too. Like a mirror reflecting a burning candle, I step back for a moment to watch you glow in the humble awareness of your beauty. Your flame rises as you dance to an ancient, compelling pulse of Divine ecstasy, accepting my adoration and falling in love with yourself.

In the current of this Divine Pulse, my heart surges with love for you–for me–for something beyond, as we come together as one pulsing awareness. Personality disappears as I disappear into your flame and we become one radiant light, rippling beyond space and time. The love that exists in this precious moment is All That Is. Completely free from longing; we are love fulfilled.

From “The Everyday Mystic”