Feeling Wanted – The first of the 10 Emotional Needs of the Soul

A couple of weeks ago, I shared the 10 Emotional Needs of the Soul that we discovered during an annual meditation and visioning ceremony for the planet that is part of the Path of the Sacred Feminine

The first of these needs is the need to feel wanted, and because of the way many pregnancies occur—as accidents, or at the wrong time, or with one or both parents not feeling ready—most of us have some degree of need to feel wanted.

Thankfully, this is changing as we become more conscious about the importance of wanting and planning for our children.

But for many of us who feel unwanted we can experience great emotional distress and even illness.

Why fulfilling these needs provides us with emotional healing

Before I explain how this particular need works, it is helpful to understand that these needs being described are fundamental to the soul’s sense of stability and fulfillment.

This need of the soul, like all of them, relies on healthy social interactions. After all, we are creating our experiences on earth together.

When those needs are not met—due to cultural beliefs, societal practices, the unfulfilled needs of those close to us, or our own intentions for karmic experience—we feel a gap in our sense of wholeness…

… until the need is met.

Each person is born with the ability to meet their unmet needs. With that sentiment of hope, let’s take a look at how I discovered the need to be wanted.

How I discovered the emotional need to feel wanted

I was in deep in The Holding meditation, available for free here on our site. I had entered a visionary state where I was seeing into a past life in the Native community that originated this Holding meditation.

I could see and hear my ancestor walking in the snow, hurrying to the Guardian’s lodge because her baby was about to be born. The baby was me. My mother knew my oldest sacred name and called me by that name. She already knew me and was excited that soon she would be meeting me in person. I felt profoundly wanted as her desire for me filled my entire being. I belonged.

Over the years, I’ve done a lot of work fulfilling unmet emotional needs. I could not have told you that I had an unfulfilled need to feel wanted. But there must have been some part of me yearning for that depth of experience.

When the emotional need to feel wanted was fulfilled, my life changed, instantly.

Feeling wanted is fundamentally about knowing how precious you are and that you truly belong.

When I came out of the recent visioning ceremony and was engaging I my daily routines, I noticed that I wasn’t as bothered by the little things that used to irritate me, like when my husband cleans up after dinner and forgets to put food back in the refrigerator. 😉

As I reflected on what had changed in me, I realized I felt wanted and longed for him to feel wanted too. Instead of being irritated, I found new ways to communicate with humor and grace.

When you know that another human being has anticipated your arrival and knows your sacred name, it comes with a profound sense of belonging in the world. Your soul has been called in, out of desire to be with you.

But don’t take my word for it. Experience it for yourself. 🙂

Holding yourself in the energy of being wanted

You can experience this emotional need fulfilled in you by taking the feeling of being wanted or the feeling of being unwanted into The Holding meditation.

Allow the feelings and memories to rise and fall in the arms of your compassionate love. The old wounds will finally rest in the consistency of your love. And as you feel yourself truly wanted by the Divine within you, you too will know that the Divine has always wanted you. You belong.

If you don’t already have it, you can get a free audio download of The Holding meditation on the home page of this website.

This is one of 10 Emotional Needs of the Soul, and here you can learn more about my program for healing these fundamental needs.

Do let me know what you experience as you fulfill this beautiful need in you.