Whether you are creating healing, wealth, right relationship, meaningful careers, or fulfilling your soul purpose, you have to be able to feel what you are creating in order to experience it.

A good friend of mine recently tripled her income in one month. We were talking about how she did it, and she said she believed the trick was in keeping a clear focus while keeping her energy up. We explored this further and I came to understand that “keeping her energy up” meant feeling her success.

Of course, there were times when her doubts and challenges created interference between her belief she would succeed and the feeling she would succeed. I remember a few phone calls when she was feeling down and unsure about her ability to create her dream. Immediately, we got her attention on something she could do to help her get her energy back up.

Like my friend, you may find you need a boost from time to time. You might restore your energy by getting some time out on the Mother Earth, taking a much needed break, offering a prayer or chanting an affirmation. Some of you are restored through exercise and others by giving yourself a meaningful task to accomplish in the direction of our desire. And you might find expressing your creativity is an excellent means for getting yourself energized again.

Doing what works for you to keep your energy level up–feeling your success–is a key in being in the creative flow. The need for clear focus and feeling yourself well are definitely significant in healing yourself from illness or depression.

One of my teachers taught me if I could visualize the injured part, see it completely well and sing to that wellness for 10 seconds, the injury would be healed. Ten seconds sounds like nothing at all, doesn’t it. Try it. Try to keep your focus clear and energized for 10 seconds. It takes exceptional skill to do this. No wonder creating in life can be so challenging.

Yet, this is the art of spiritual practice in healing and fulfilling your soul purpose.

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