In Honor of the Men that Share Fatherly Love on Fathers Day

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Sacred Father and the sacred nature of the masculine can end up getting a bad rap when you are longing to discover your Sacred Feminine. In choosing to know the feminine side of the Divine, it is possible to completely deny the masculine nature.

It is far too easy to view the energy of Sacred Father through wounded filters and think that we have an understanding. But all the while, we are really shaping God in our own limited and wounded likeness.

If the Sacred Feminine within us deserves better acknowledgement so does the nature of the Sacred Masculine.

Here are some perceptions that I believe fashion Sacred Father in limited views. When we believe God is punishing us, that is what we do as humans when we do not approve of someone’s choices. When we turn God into being only male, that is a reflection of our human experience of masculine and feminine as being in separate bodies. And when we perceive that God is judging our every choice as right or wrong, that is what we do as humans.

Talk to someone that has had a near death experience, and they describe the experience of being in the presence of the Divine as something beyond our human perceptions. They describe pure love, endless bliss, and profound peace.

Consider a perception of Sacred Father and Sacred Mother that is not dependent on limited human views or emotional woundedness.

If the spirit of Sacred Mother is like loving vast stillness of limitless space, pregnant with all the possibilities of life, then the spirit of Sacred Father is like the passionate expression of life—white light racing through the vastness of space—life longing to know itself.

Sacred Father is the pure expression of love, compelled to experience the limitless nature of itself—the limitlessness of what can be. The intentions of our souls are expressed through the inspiration of Sacred Father. Sacred Father reaches into the unknown with some aspect of self-awareness that is known. Like the super-nova, the Divine Father is so dynamic, vibrant and unable to be contained that he explodes in the expression of himself.

The Divine Father calls within us to explore, adventure, aspire and become. He calls to us to live life with zeal and intention. In his presence, we know that mediocrity is not the full expression of our life force.

In the presence of the Divine Father we know we must live in service, for to do any less would be to constrain the dynamic love of Father that courses through us. Generosity is his natural expression, for generosity is the manifestation of his unbridled love.

When the doubts, fears and concerns have dissolved, what emerges is the passionate release of life exploring itself—what we lovingly refer to as Sacred Father.

The spirit of Sacred Father flows through the arms of the loving fathers here on earth who wrap their arms around us, kiss us on our heads, and then release us to the world, telling us to fly. Fathers inspire us to experience life to its fullest.

Regardless of how well any earthly father has done with his role as father, part of our spiritual journey encompasses discovering the Sacred Father within us, allowing him to be fully alive in our world, through each of us that awakens to his presence.

As we enter this age when the Sacred Mother awakens in us, it is vital that we remember the true and loving nature of the Sacred Father, and that we discover his presence in his true limitless light. As we celebrate Fathers Day, let us remember to honor Sacred Father, and how his limitless love has inspired us to live fully during our time on earth.