The Emergence of the Sacred Feminine

According to Dr. Carl Calleman’s research, October 28, 2011 (not 2012) is the day the Mayan Calendar comes to its completion. Others say it ends on the Solstice, December 22, 2012. Others refuse to give it a date. Others have decided to just wait and see.

This is what we do know. Nicaraguan, Mayan Grandmother, Flordemayo, of the International Council of 13 Grandmothers, tells us the final glyph from the Mayan story of creation shows planetary stewardship being delivered into the hands of the feminine.

So, regardless of the date, here’s the question you might really want to consider. Are you ready for that responsibility? Whether you are a woman or a man, are you ready to discover what the Sacred Feminine really is and how it helps you and all of humanity bring an end to human struggle?

Does this sound a bit dramatic? Well, it is. Whatever exact date the calendar ends, this is what our Mayan ancestors saw for the future and that future is happening right now. It is one of the reasons we are living here on earth during this time period—to awaken the Sacred Feminine within ourselves so that we can create balance between the Divine energies of the Masculine and Feminine.

If either of these energies—Sacred Masculine or Sacred Feminine—exists in an extreme, without balance, we experience chaos. Too much masculine, particularly if it gets caught up in fear, and you get symptoms like:

—achieving yourself to death
—aggressiveness and war
—a lot of talking and doing, but not enough listening
—and beliefs such as, “I am right and you are wrong.” or, “What I want is more important.”

Too much feminine, especially if it is caught up in fear, and you get challenges such as:

—nothing getting accomplished
—codependent, passive aggressive behaviors
—too much considering, and not enough action
—and beliefs such as, “I’m not worthy.” Or “I’m not ready.”

When I was a communications consultant I could usually tell whether the business I was consulting for leaned toward too much feminine or masculine energy. When the company was dealing with stressful issues that brought up fears, it was fairly easy to tell whether the company suffered from inertia or over-achievement.

Of course, both sets of unique challenges exist in humanity. In terms of planetary leadership; however, we’ve been leaning heavily toward the masculine, and now is the time to restore balance.

When existing in love, the feminine is the energy of stillness and contemplation. It is unconditional compassion and has the capacity to hold all potential for life in love. The masculine, when coming from love is bliss and ecstasy. It is the passionate and generous expression of life longing to know itself. Put those together and live from that balance, and you have a truly harmonious existence.

Since all life was born from the absolute dark, stillness of the cosmic womb, if we embrace within ourselves that still, quiet and compassionate capacity to hold all that we are and have created, the Sacred Masculine naturally emerges from that loving space, born anew in its expression. Action born from loving silence is blissful existence.

This is the gift of the Creation Meditation. It emulates the creation of life, which began in the primordial womb. Life was and is born from the stillness. And life is born anew when held in love.

This concept of holding in love needs to be learned, because there are ways to hold that can create more problems and ways to hold that allow us to be born anew. That’s why we created our annual Women’s Retreat—so that there would be a time and place for women to learn and perfect our ability to hold in the way of the Sacred Feminine.

Isn’t it fascinating that we intuitively chose October 28, 2011 as the day to begin our Women’s Retreat? Whether it is or is not the last day of the Mayan Long-Count Calendar, it is an auspicious time to honor the wisdom of the ancients and prepare ourselves for the stewardship of the feminine. The whole world is waiting for us!