Prayer of Emergence for Your Meditations

By Mother Misa

Together, as family we create our experience of life.  We are the guardians and implementers of our own designs.  Fear will come to taunt us, causing us to doubt our own abilities and the innate power of life itself. Moments of absolute love will tease us, affirming the awe of life’s unfolding within us and around us. Days of pleasure and fulfillment will stand next to days of anger and sorrow.  At times we will feel proud and others ashamed.  Whatever we experience, we are the creators of how we choose to respond to life and our ultimately for our destiny.

Consider taking the following prayer into a Holding meditation, as you contemplate the destiny you are choosing for yourself.


cocoon-39353_640Today Great Mystery, I feel the pressures of change surrounding me.  I resist, but it only increases my pain.

Since resistance is not helping, I surrender—becoming a gently ebbing pool of consciousness.  In this watery womb, I am recreating myself, and so I sink into the wonder of the unknown, allowing greater wisdom to fill my essence.  I rest.  I allow myself to be loved, knowing that what is being created deserves my loving attendance.  The form that I was dissolves and I wait patiently, quietly—for what is to come.

Slowly, new form takes shape from the pool of my well-loved essence.  Joy awakens within me from the depth of my serene and love-filled womb.

In an explosion of ecstasy and power I must become.  Released from the prison of my own choosing, I fly out into the world, drinking from the sweet nectar of life.

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