girl on a lakeEvery now and then I get in one of those moods when I wish I could think about something and know that it was creating itself without needing to take any action whatsoever, and without any time passing. And every now and then it actually happens.

I’m thinking about how nice it would be to have dinner with friends and those particular friends call with the same suggestion. Those moments of mutual and instant manifestation are cool. But it doesn’t always happen that way, does it?

Some years ago I was moaning about how fulfilling my dreams seemed to take so much time. Shortly after that I had a vision in meditation, putting the function of time into perspective. I saw myself looking at a world in which the creative process had gone awry. With a single thought from me, the world was destroyed. It completely vanished.

I came out of the visionary state in a bit of shock. The emotional impact of the vision caused me realize that time is an undervalued friend in the process of manifestation.

Time creates space between the thought and the result. Let’s say as a child I got angry with my mother and thought, “I wish you were dead.” Now if my thought had manifested immediately I would have regretted my mother dying shortly after making a statement like that.

As a child with strong emotions that ruled me, if I had come into this world with the power of instant manifestation I would have left a wake of ruthless destruction and joyful creativity in the path behind me, reflections of my momentary moods.

sacred-feminine-womens-retreat-271wTime provides space for us as children, and as adults, to develop spiritual equilibrium. Time gives us an opportunity to explore options before we settle in on our commitments. Time gives us a chance to be very clear that what we have stated we want in the way we want it is indeed exactly right for us.

If we have any conflicting feelings or beliefs we have time to consider them and bring ourselves into greater alignment with an intention that is most in alignment with our higher purpose. Time can simply mean that what we have intended is being created at another non-visible level.

For a lovely article about the appropriateness of lag time that can occur in manifestation, I recommend this article by Simona Rich:

Time is the means by which we can get to know what is constant and true. Emotions and thoughts are fleeting. But beneath them is the Divine nature of limitless love. When we make decisions from the clarity of Divine knowing, we are more likely to make wise decisions that benefit the greater good of creation itself.

If we allow ourselves to become still within the passing of time, we find ourselves transcending the normal pace of time and indeed, we do manifest more quickly. When we are in the truth of our hearts—the love of agape—we see from the vantage point of Divine clarity. For a beautiful way to slow down you relationship to time, and hold your dreams in love, download this free Holding guided meditation.

givingaway (1)Once the clarity is there, action is required. This is yet another way in which the manifestation process is slowed down a bit. Action provides a means for getting to know the many wonderful people with which we are co-creating life on planet earth.

Like the example of my friends calling about getting together for dinner, action creates opportunities for us to share in the joy of living with others. Action gets us out of the house, engaging in the gifts of Mother Earth. Action stretches us to create beyond our perceived limits. Action across time slows us down enough to savor life.

Sometimes we become confused and think we came here to leave our mark or complete our purpose. That is partially true, but not complete. We came here to experience. Our purpose becomes a focal point for our experiences. Even the evolution of global consciousness is a focal point for our combined experiences as humanity.

Time gives us the opportunity to experience life deeply, in all its subtle nuances, and slows us down from making decisions we might later regret.