This last weekend, some of our initiated women elders came to my house to hold a visioning retreat for the benefit of humanity and the world. As a part of our sacred family, you may actually be feeling some of the benefits that come from being held in their vessel of their unconditional Sacred Feminine love, without conditions or predetermined ideas about what we need or should do. I certainly am!

While they were here and talking about what they were experiencing as they held that unconditional loving space for all of us, one of them reminded us about an aboriginal concept that I thought might be helpful to pass along to you.

Here is the gist of it: “Dream your own life for yourself or someone else will do it for you.” 

Then as if to emphasize this concept, within a couple of days a dear friend and shaman, Maria Mar, posted this on her Facebook page: “The question is not what your dream is. The question is: What dream are you?”

I’ve decided to post this statement and question on my office wall and just watch what happens during this next year.

We are born from dreams. Then we drop into these bodies where there is a veil of forgetfulness between earth and the other side, and we spend our lives attempting to remember our dreams—and then, remembering that we are the dream itself.

Our own passions, propensities, talents and spiritual abilities are the dream awakening itself within us. In some ways, there is really so little to remember, and yet it can take us a lifetime or multiple lives to do so.

Yet, as we awaken—if we awaken with greater love and compassion—imagine its reverberation throughout the universe. From the densest reality to the lightest—there we are unfolding a collective dream that touches the very corners of creation. The density of earth itself is part of the magic.

Consider this. If you put a cotton ball in a sling shot and pull the sling shot back, letting the cotton ball fly, how far do you think the cotton ball will go? Now find a well-weighted stone and put it in the same sling shot. How far will it be able to go?

And so it is with the density of earth. As we awaken the dream that we are, and do so with our great capacity for compassion, that love is like the stone flying from the sling shot to its intended destination. It covers great distance, touches the air with clear purpose as it flies, and reaches its goal.

Living on one of the most dense realities in the universe gives us a distinct advantage in the matrix of creation. It means that as each one of us lovingly awakens to the dream that we are, the whole of creation is affected in a most direct and profound way.

As you awaken your dream this year, if you find yourself wanting to put into words the intentions that emerge, I’d like to recommend a methodology that is very close to the one I teach my clients. Evolution E-Zine

Those intentions are the voice and intentions of your dream emerging. May I suggest, as you tickle yourself awake to the dream that you are, remember, if you don’t dream yourself, someone else will.

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