This article was originally published in 2009.  The recognition of both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies continues to be essential!

April 22nd is a significant date for the Divine Reunion of Feminine and Masculine energies.

Next week, the Institute of Cultural Awareness is hosting global ceremony called the Return of the Ancestors that includes 70 elders from indigenous cultures around the world. The dates they chose for their ceremony take place over a ten-day period with an auspicious astrological peak between April 21st – 23rd. (For more information about the ceremony and the astrologically significant nature of April 22nd, see the link below.)

Noting that several of us have been writing about the Divine Feminine and Masculine on the Forums, one of New Dream Foundation’s Trustees who will be attending Return of the Ancestors alerted me to the significance of April 22nd. She explained that Mars, the archetypal male planet and Venus, the archetypal female planet will be conjunct.
That means they will be existing together in balance and harmony. Combine that with some activity among Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius and you have an expansive doorway for planetary spiritual harmony and transformation.

So what does that mean for us? Perhaps you have already been feeling an inner call to appreciate the distinctive and powerful natures your own masculine and feminine energies on a personal level. Perhaps you have been feeling a desire for greater spiritual union between you and your beloved. Perhaps you have known in your heart for some time that such union is necessary for the spiritual advancement of humanity.

In our desire to remember our oneness, it is easy to forget the wonder of experiencing the distinctive characteristics of these natures within ourselves. In acknowledging the beauty of their uniqueness, we are then in the perfect position to invite these energies to co-exist peacefully, joyfully, passionately within ourselves.

There is a place of great creative power when these two energies are not experienced in their merged state as one, but rather are experienced as separate natures, loved with deep adoration and appreciation within their individual states.

space-1323321_640Why else would Divine Consciousness have become feminine and masculine natures, if not to experience the awesome, ardent tension of these counterparts? Based in love, such profound expression of passion could give birth to a more balanced and fulfilling earthly existence, don’t you think?

Recognizing the spiritual power inherent in honoring these energies, we added a new ceremony to our SpiritQuest Retreat in June— The Divine Reunion. In this ceremony, we release ancestral wounds and limiting perspectives of our masculine and feminine natures, embracing the unique qualities of both, so that in this time of profound transformation, we can be fully alive and present as we create new experiences of life on earth.

pair-167267_640For some of us, April 22nd, as well as between now and Summer Solstice, represent an opportunity to create within ourselves what we want to attract in our worldly experience—union in partnership that opens us to the full expression of our Divine natures. During this favorable astrological time for the alliance of our feminine and masculine energies, we have an opportunity to more completely honor our diverse natures both internally and externally.

Perhaps on April 22nd and during SpiritQuest you will take a moment out of your day to honor your masculine and feminine natures. Then perhaps you will offer a prayer of gratitude to the men and women in your life who have shown you the beauty of these natures. In closing, perhaps you will then want to offer a prayer of hope to those who still struggle with their love and respect for these most precious, sacred energies—the Divine Masculine and Feminine, and their ultimate reunion.