The Surprising Difference Between Empathy and Compassion in Emotional Healing

Don’t you love how a simple shift in perception can change your life dramatically?

That’s what happened for me one day as I realized how easy it is to slip into empathy. However, what I really needed to access was compassion.

And there is a difference!

Now, you won’t find a significant difference in their dictionary definitions, but the qualities of these two energies are not exactly the same.

When you are in empathy, you are able to feel what another person is feeling—either physically or emotionally, or both.

If someone is experiencing joy or happiness, you feel it. The same is true with pain or discomfort.

Empathy is very useful if you want to comprehend the experience someone is having. Or if you want an individual to know you truly “get” them.

My elder taught me that empathy is helpful for understanding, but not to linger in it. As you may know, it can be a bit challenging to let go of it, once you feel it.

It’s tricky to let go of your empathy until you understand the true nature of compassion.

When I was about to Hold something very painful, I noticed I had a tendency to bond with the pain. As you can imagine, that didn’t work very well, because I was lingering in the pain.

So before I began Holding the pain, I started going deeper into love. In a more expansive state of compassionate love, I was able to Hold the pain, without any suffering.

The compassion became the container that made it safe to Hold whatever was hurting.

Throughout the meditation, the greater the pain, the deeper I went into compassionate love.

It was the loving nature of compassion that allowed me to Hold pain without suffering.

Because I was more focused on the love, while being accepting of the emotional pain, the discomfort dissipated much more quickly.

I invite you to join with me in this exploration of how conscious awareness of empathy and compassion can help your acts of healing and creation.

I have a video about how Holding frees you from anxiety and trauma, and lovingly supports you in emotional healing. Plus after you watch it, you can get a free recording of the basic Holding Guided Meditation.

If you are ready to go deeper, I highly recommend the SHE Academy master classes. Here I teach you how to access depths of love and compassion for both healing and manifesting your dreams.

And please share what you understand as the difference between your empathy and your compassion.