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If you aren’t certain about where to begin accessing your intuition or you want to be able to tap into more of your intuitive guidance, one of the best and most enjoyable ways to access you inner wisdom is through creative expression.


Why? Inspiration and intuition are kissing cousins. Ask a gardener why she planted certain flowers together in a bed, and she’ll tell you about how they are compatible, of appropriate heights and widths and then she’ll end up telling you she just thought they would look good together.


Ask a composer why he wrote his musical score the way in which he did and he’ll talk about the technical aspects and motivation behind his score, then ultimately confess that it sounded right to him. He was inspired and from that inspiration, he created.


Have you ever done something because it just plain felt right—you know, those gut feelings that won’t let you alone, so finally you give in and go for it? Have you ever been inspired to cook something different, explore a new hobby, take a class on a topic you were always curious about? Were you inspired or was it intuition guiding you?


When you become involved in a creative endeavor, say pottery for example, you learn certain basic principles and techniques, and then it is up to you to follow your inspiration to create something unique of your own. You find yourself creating something that expresses a hidden part of you and now you are wondering if you were simply inspired or if your intuition was leading you to insights about yourself.


Intuition and inspiration are so closely connected that I have met more than one person who chose to follow their creative inspiration or intuition and in the process discovered gifts related to their purpose.


Take my friend and colleague, Krystalya Marie’. Since she was a little girl she had been told she could not draw. Yet, when she learned she had a golf-ball sized tumor in her breast, she asked for divine guidance and was led to begin drawing. Without thinking, she drew. Then she took the drawing into meditation. Twenty minutes later the tumor was gone, and she has been drawing symbols for healing every since. You can learn more about her wonderful work at:


I know another woman that wrote in order to help her process her own healing journey. She later discovered that her prosaic writing actually helps other people heal as well. She now shares her writings in special healing tele-conferences.


When I listen to my husband do improvisation on the piano, I can hear spirit-led inspiration flowing through his hands. His busy mind quiets down and inspiration carries him to an intuitive expression of the Divine within him. He allows himself to be led, which is the essence of intuition.


So imagine where your creativity could take you? Is there some creative desire that has been knocking at your door that perhaps you have been putting off because you are so busy? Consider making it a priority so that the doorway of your inspiration can carry you to a more satisfying experience of Divine expression as it demonstrates itself through your intuition.