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Do you remember the last time you were deeply grateful for something? Do you remember how you felt? Do you remember how alive, excited and perhaps somewhat humbled you felt?

This incredible feeling is not only what you feel when you receive, but it is the feeling that can create your fulfillment. What does this mean?

When you stop seeking and allow yourself to gratefully notice how your longings are already being met, you experience the power of this creative force that we call gratitude. What you thought to be unknown reveals itself to you and you become witness to the true Mystery of Divine creation.

Think about something you longed for as a child. Say for example, you always wanted a pet but your mother was allergic to cat and dog hair, so that wish was not fulfilled as a child. However, when you became an adult living on your own, you decided to get a pet, and now you have several.

You probably helped to create the reality of having a pet by completely enjoying those moments that you spent with a neighbor’s dog or a friend’s cat, prior to having your own. Your delight in them—that feeling of being alive, excited and a little humbled—helped you stay present to your desire. The feeling kept you motivated and helped you bring your desire into fulfillment.

Desires are met at their perfect time.

Sometimes you take interesting twists and turns in your process of fulfillment. Sometimes you are getting yourself ready for what you truly want. Often, you find that you need to keep yourself motivated.

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Feeling gratitude for something before you have fully received it keeps your motivation high. It also brings the satisfied feeling of fulfillment right down into your cells where your body vibrates the truth of that satisfaction.

Your vibrational energy of satisfaction is attracting what you want as though it is already a part of your life. That means that when you shift from desire to gratitude, you are already creating what you want. If you pause long enough to be grateful, you can usually see evidence that what you want to receive is in progress.

In the Sacred Feminine Path, our ancestors teach us that one of the ways we connect with our soul’s intentions for this lifetime is through our desires. Desires guide you to what you most want to manifest while you are here.

These kind of desires speak to the quality of life that pleases you—qualities like generosity, creativity, healing, supportive, nurturing, inspiring, etc. You can take a desire like this directly into The Holding meditation, that you can download for free here.

The more you Hold this fundamental desire, and as you Hold and allow obstacles and fears to lovingly dissolve in The Holding meditation, the clearer you become about what you are here to manifest.

From desire to reality.

When my husband and I were manifesting a home for us, he had a strong sense about what he wanted. It had to be a home that inspired us, and certain elements were more inspiring than others.

Every day he gave thanks for our new home as if we already had it. Each time we went out to look at houses with the realtor, he saw evidence of his manifestation. Each home had something that we liked, but he was clear that we were going to manifest the “right” home.

As we looked at houses together, we became clearer about what our perfect house would be like and we were able to communicate our desires better. Our realtor began to get a visual picture of what appealed to us, and indeed we got closer and closer to the right house for us, until we finally found it.

I understood as we were moving into our new home that his gratitude played a significant role in establishing the motivation and vibratory field that landed us our home, because he didn’t think of our home as existing in our future. He saw our home as existing right now. We just had to align with it so that it could become evident to us. His gratitude created that alignment.

Make gratitude a daily practice.

sacred feminine, manifestation

Today might be the perfect day to stop for a moment and reflect on what you experience and enjoy that causes you to feel grateful. Notice that what you once wanted you enjoy now. Right now you are experiencing the reward of that desire>

If you need some help getting in touch with what you really value, consider using my Healing the Inner Child; Awakening Your Destiny audio program. When you were young, your behaviors, choices, and desires provided strong indicators about what your soul longed to experience while here on earth. You can follow the lead of the spiritual awareness that lives within your inner child.

Then expand that awareness by considering something new you want that expands on one of your youthful desires, and give thanks that it already exists. Really feel those words of thanks because that lovely mixture of ingredients—aliveness, excitement and humbleness, that we call gratitude—is creating what you are manifesting right now.