If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time…But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together. —Aboriginal Woman

This powerful quote has practically become a mantra in my life. As I look for opportunities to expand and grow, I also open to relationships in which our partnership allows us to grow together, whether I’m co-creating volunteer projects or income-generating programs.

A friend stayed at my home this weekend and we enjoyed one of those long discussions into the night, mostly talking about how to consciously fulfill your calling through business relationships.

We talked about a rather revolutionary approach to business and project development where you focus your energy on supporting others in their endeavors before asking for help with your own. From a spiritual perspective, this model provides: 1) a basis for trust to develop and 2) sets positive karma in motion.

I’ve used this model with success. It is wonderful to watch someone’s eyes light up when you ask them what you can do to help them in their endeavors and then actually follow through. It is really fun to see someone become successful in some way because of your support.

Most good-hearted people look to see what they can do to return the favor, and voila—you are enjoying an environment of true support and cooperation.

When I launched my book in December, I experienced the power of this approach from the other side of the equation when friends and colleagues went out of their way to let people on their mailing lists know about my book, and purchased multiple copies to give to friends.

It is very cool to experience the spirit of generosity and enthusiasm that ensues from this approach to business relationships and development. The challenge that comes with this kind of generosity, is that if someone is helping but the support does not further their fulfillment, the relationship tends to be short-lived.

Some time after I began practicing this model of business relations support, I was introduced to the statement from the unknown Aboriginal woman quoted above. Her perspective blew me away and the missing piece from the previous model fell into place.

Magic happens when I meet someone, and we discover to our delight, that our mutual purposes are met by working with each other. These typically turn out to be long-term, mutually beneficial relationships because we are doing more than helping each other. We are freeing ourselves through a greater expression of our combined purposes.

Now, when someone approaches me about volunteering for the New Dream Foundation, for example, I take time to find out how their involvement might help them in furthering their own goals and purpose. I know that if someone is just interested in helping, it won’t last very long. But if New Dream provides an environment through which they can fulfill their calling, we will enjoy a rich and meaningful relationship.

The same is true in profit-making endeavors. The best relationships I have are with those colleagues that are invested in the success of both of us, and our clients, because when everyone is successful, we are all fulfilled.

These tend to be unique relationships in which I don’t need to be concerned about looking out after my own interests or watching my back, because our business relationship is founded on mutual regard for our long-term benefit.

If my project partner has put in more work than I have, I willingly make sure they get a greater percentage of profits. And when the opposite is true, and I have been giving extra effort, I know they will look after my interests, and they do. Because our ultimate fulfillment and freedom is bound in each other, we take care of each other.

I weave these two concepts together into one seamless philosophy that brings spiritual consciousness into business relationships in a magnificent way: 1) Look for ways to help another before asking to receive help and 2) Work together with people whose liberation is integrally connected to mine.

With these two philosophies in motion, I attract remarkable, long-term business partners and clients, and New Dream Foundation attracts the most incredible, dedicated volunteers and members. Now that is a business paradigm I get excited about.

Meet some of the incredible people that are co-creating mutually beneficial relationships in service to our global family here at the New Dream Foundation. Then see if you are being called to join the team. New Dream Community