I recently received a copy of Dorothy Atalla’s, “Conversations with the Goddess: Encounter and Petra, Place of Power.”

As many of you know, understanding the Sacred Feminine truly begins with a calling or longing deep within. If you are courageous, you respond and allow the Mystery to unfold itself. You might find yourself meditating more often, beginning a practice of automatic writing, dancing her energy as it flows through you or reading voraciously as you try to understand the powerful presence calling you to know yourself more deeply.

Dorothy Atalla opened to the Sacred Feminine and received a vision, and then many hours of conversations with the Goddess. She dictated the wisdom being shared with her, and then generously shared her discoveries with us in her latest book. This is a powerful gift for those of us that long for a better understanding of the Goddess within.

Here is a brief synopsis of her gift:

Dorothy Atalla intives you into the journey of her own awakening to the Goddess, sharing mystical insights and unique historical interpretations about humankind’s relationship with her. She guides you into a profound understanding of the nature of the Divine Mother through the earth, the physical body, and consciousness itself. “Conversations with the Goddess” makes the Divine Feminine real, tangible and significant for spiritual seekers in today’s world.

Thank you Dorothy! If you would like a copy for yourself or a sister in spirit, you can purchase a copy of Conversations with the Goddess at Amazon.com