by Sophia Grace Torrez

The mystery of the ancestors lies hidden deep within cellular memory.
Messages surface unrecognized from foundations of wisdom
Achieved by each ancestor.
Conscious awakening to the reality of the presence of this font of wisdom
Like the fragile wings of the butterfly breaks open the darkness and silence.
With each opening a greater depth of being unfolds.
Becoming enlightened is a journey into the inner mystery
Of the spiraling helix of our DNA.

We are more than our current intake of knowledge, learnings and achievements.
Shadowed by the conflicts, obstacles and setbacks, we experience our worlds.
mother-622115_640Touching each others’ souls, lives and minds.
Growing memories, we interact, mingle, ebb and flow.
Then in moments of silence from depths yet unplumbed,
Come the traces of ancestors who contributed to our gene pool.

I am more than skin, bone and tissue.
I am a composite of ancestral memories, experiences, gifts, talents,
and dark nights of the soul.
I am the source of knowing without knowing how.
I am the strength of all the experimentation each ancestor forged
In the reality of each lifetime.

How strong I am depends on how open I am to those hidden messages.
I am on the path of discovering the sacredness of their souls and spirits.
I am the spirit of the living seventh generation.

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