By Misa Hopkins

I can’t think of a more perfect way to honor the Sacred Feminine than to celebrate our beautiful Mother Earth. A friend and scientist helped me understand that when we look at the biology of a human and the earth, we can see a clear connection that explains why we refer to her as Mother.

Approximately 75% of the human body is water and that is true for the earth as well. The minerals that we find in the earth are the same minerals we find in the human body.

My Native brothers and sisters refer to Mother Earth’s blood as our blood and her flesh (the minerals, perhaps) as our flesh. We really are the flesh and blood of Mother Earth. What we love in her is a part of us.

When I first began to explore this concept, it wasn’t enough for me to get it intellectually. I wanted to feel it in my bones. That desire led me to Native ceremonies, where this relationship is clearly understood and honored.

In time, I was called to offer ceremonies such as vision quests or what we call spirit quests, and one of my great delights is in watching and feeling people discover this reality within their own bones. It is one of the great and elevating discoveries that a human can make—to feel and know how connected we are to life around us.
Such moments of realization have been called peak experiences and mystical moments. These are moments when the boundaries of separation fall away and we realize that life on earth is all connected in a great movement of Divine creation.

If you really want to celebrate the earth and her wonder, consider coming to SpiritQuest this year, and delight in the great Mother around and within us all.