Have you ever heard, felt or seen an inner call to do something and then found yourself saying, “But I don’t have the money, time or qualifications?” Have you ever watched that calling linger in the back of your mind, while never really getting to live it?

There is a reason our personal callings sometimes never manifest. The reason is that we spend too much time hung up in what we don’t have to do it. Certainly, the challenges are very real and are not mean to be ignored. They need to be addressed if we are truly going to bring our calling into life.

However, we can burn through that state of stuckness with one simple change of perspective. Instead of dwelling on the challenges, imagine going from, “I hear my calling” to “I will.” “I hear it and I will do it.”

Now address those challenges. Since you have made your commitment with your agreement of “I will do it,” the challenges must be addressed differently. You may notice yourself asking, “Hm, I said I would do it, so how do I create the money?” “How do I create the time?” “How do I become qualified?”

Do you see how such a subtle shift makes such a huge difference in burning through the obstacles? Now you are in creative mode. Now you are looking for solutions rather than dwelling on the limits of the challenge.

You will find yourself moving very quickly from the calling to becoming that which you have called yourself to be. And isn’t that ultimately what you want? To move through obstacles try following these three steps:

I hear my calling
I will do it
I am that which I called myself to be

By addressing the challenges after “I will,” you will accelerate your ability to live your true purpose sooner than later