bryce-canyon-4057_640by Amari Gold

During last month’s New Moon Fire Ceremony with Rev. Misa, we were guided to share our breath with the Mother.  With each in-breath, we inhaled the Mother’s breath.  With each exhale, the Mother received our breath.  It was a beautiful, powerful, and peaceful prayer, as ceremony often is.  In this experience of sharing breath, my awareness of my relationship to all that is took on a new dimension of reality that continues to resound within me.

statue-1010531_640To me, the term “Mother” is meant to be an expression of the divine grace that flows through all life.  Mother is our planet earth.  Mother is the Divine Feminine.  Mother is that which gives us life.  Mother is the Spirit of the water, of the womb, of the breath.  She is that from which all healing and awareness flow.  She is the infinite Yin.  She is womanhood.  Mother is the Spirit of the forest where I take my morning walks.  My spirit asks me, “How does all of this relate to me?  How do I recognize Her within me?  How do I relate to that which is the Mother in me?”  I find that I love this journey and exploration of how I relate to the Divine Feminine.

I have been hearing Mother ask for a deepening of our connection with Her.  Receiving the mysteries of Her gifts within my body through my breath is an extraordinary experience.  The sharing of my breath with mountains-889131_640Her is yet another gift that connects me in a deeper way.  I fully believe that our connection to Mother is vital to all aspects of life.  Just as each living being needs Her presence to thrive, so does Mother need each living being to support Her in the immense task of healing our planet, our waters, our air.

How simple and elegant it is to support the health and life of our planet by sharing the gift of our own breath with all that is.  How incredible it is to receive the gift of Mother’s breath within our being through the air that we breathe. Sometimes it’s our awareness of the simple things that make a profound difference in understanding the nature of all things.