Mysterious One, life exists within the primal rhythms of our heart and breath, yet how often do I listen to their pulse?

There is a pulse through which all things are connected, a divine current that breathes through all life. As we follow some thread of the pulse, rhythm or frequency of our heart or breath, we move through space, time, and matter as though they have no delineations. Past, present, future, life and death, thoughts and feelings become one movement within the present moment.

With each inhale I drink in the sweetness of life around me. Through my nostrils, I suckle the scent of the dew on the trees. The pores of my skin breathe in the song of the sun. My whole body takes in the nourishment of life itself, as the borders between them and me become blurred edges of soft comforting waves.

path-481745_640After walking for a while, a large granite rock provides a place of respite to catch my breath.

I have been so tense and uptight lately. Today, Divine Source, I sit in the wind and breathe. I listen to the sound of the wind blowing past me and through me. Then I listen to the sound of the wind inside of me.

While savoring the moment like a welcome feast, a windy symphony begins to play. Random rhythms fly through the air. At first I become more tense, because the wind stirs up the clamor inside my mind, and yet if I listen to sounds beneath the chaos, a steady pulse underlies the themes blowing about–a steady droning coming from the wind.

Within the sound of the droning, everything softens until I am at rest and at peace, amidst the chaos around me. I do nothing, but notice until slowly, finally, everything grows still and quiet, except for the wind echoing against the beating of my heart.

From:  The Everyday Mystic by Misa