Regularly, as I am doing readings or offering ceremonies, someone will share how they finally feel at home. You see, it is important for us to find places where we feel safe enough to share who we really are~to be recognized.

Sometimes we feel completely alone in the world because we don’t know other people that experience the world the way that we do. Perhaps you feel like that at times.

Perhaps you see spirits, know what people are thinking; have prophetic dreams; see what other people’s true paths before they see them; hear the plants, trees or stone people talking to you; sense the needs and thoughts of animals; really feel other people’s joy or pain right along with them; know how to change the weather with your thoughts…

At SpiritQuest you are with family because people at quest accept these abilities in each other. So we feel at home~seen and heard for who we truly are. We accept and appreciate the subtle, spiritual gifts that live within you. Here’s what happens when you are finally seen an accepted:

In fact, we nurture those gifts in each other. And we come alive in an environment where it is safe to become even more self-aware. Additionally, we see and hear how Mother Earth responds to our awareness. That is where the magic happens!

I remember the first time my elder invited me to participate in her medicine circle. I nearly wept, as I realized that I finally fit in somewhere.

 My spiritual awakening accelerated because we were taught to open to our unique medicine gifts within the sacred elements of earth, water, wind and fire. The Divine within me recognized itself as I recognized the Divine within the sacred elements.

I didn’t even know that could happen. But it did, because Mother Earth knew, and she became the space in which that awareness could unfold.

That is my job now at SpiritQuest’s ceremonial retreat. I get to look at who has been called to participate, and who they really are. I get to facilitate the ceremonies that allow you to discover and use your medicine gifts; and to be witnessed by the sacred elements so that you can better know the Divinity of yourself.

Many of us come to quest because here we are truly seen and recognized by others in the camp, by the spirits that joins us for ceremony and by the sacred elements themselves. It is a rare and precious experience.

You can hear that in the voice and see it in the eyes of the beautiful people that participated in SpiritQuest last year. Hear and see for yourself what happens when this doorways expands even further for you:

The door is open for you and we are looking forward to experiencing the true and profound you!