by Reverend Misa


Today, I sink in to the well of my compassion. I am amazed at how easily my feelings are hurt, and how quickly I assume my pain or discomfort is the fault of someone else. Though I know better, I still find myself blaming them.

And so I choose to quiet my mind and open my heart. I allow the heat of my feelings to become compassion for them and for me. I choose to know that we are all doing the best that we can; however feeble our attempts may seem.

I allow compassion to fill me and the space around me as my heart expands, stretching beyond its usual borders. I welcome the one I have felt hurt by to enter into my sacred heart. If they choose to enter this sacred circle, I willingly hold them in my love, allowing understanding to fill the space where hurt once dwelled.

In a sweet moment of true compassion, we are free, and the limits of misunderstanding have melted away.