Image by Laurel Stuart

With the Mayan long-count calendar having completed, we are now entering a new age of our creation.

Grandmother Floredemayo tells us that the last glyph of this calendar shows a staff being handed from a man to a woman, signifying a transfer of leadership.

Even if a Mayan long-count calendar had never been created, we see this shift occurring all around us in every area of our lives. It is part of natural cycle and we now sit on the cusp of a great change.

What does it mean to shift from the masculine to the feminine? Can we, in the age we are entering, find true balance between these two most sacred energies?

Masculine energy without its counterpart in the Sacred Feminine values motion, action and achievement above all, so much so that we achieve ourselves to death.

Feminine energy without its counterpart in the Sacred Masculine holds everything in compassionate love, but we wither away in a lack of inertia.

We have an opportunity at this auspicious time in human evolution to choose balance and it is entirely up to us.