According to Sufi Spiritual Teacher, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee “women carry the spiritual seeds of creation.”

Somehow, we women know that. And yet, do you find yourself wondering if you have forgotten what that feels like at its most fundamental spiritual nature?

Men, know that women carry within them some spiritual mystery that is fundamental to the matrix of life, yet, do you know exactly what it is and what it feels like inside of you?

Awakening the Sacred Feminine within us is more than a process of empowerment. It is a process of remembering that which we are. The great awakening is truly a choice to remember.

The deepest wisdom of the Sacred Feminine lives inside our bones and is stirred and aroused by Mother Earth herself, if we allow ourselves to enter into deep connection with her.

Living on top of concrete, inside of building and houses may be comfortable in many ways, and yet, slowly, daily, we disconnect.

Empathic people suffer from this disconnection. The energy backs up inside the body as we suppress our empathic natures for fear of “taking on” someone else’s energy or taking on too much of Mother Earth’s energy.

Because we don’t know how to live empathically with each other or Mother Earth, we cut off our own connection to life itself, and our abilities to create the lives we dream about.

Many years ago, when I was called to offer Song Quest to others, we began by sitting still on the Mother to listen for our sacred songs. These songs are our unique expressions in life, and also connect us through the song-lines into the web of creation itself.

The ceremonies were based in my own apprenticeship in Cherokee spiritual ceremonies, and the Cherokee are a matriarchal tribe. Since that time we expanded what SpiritQuest offered, when we incorporated ceremonies from the Path of the Sacred Feminine, until now the entire week is based in ceremonies that help us awaken the Sacred Feminine within us.

It is this most precious nature of the Divine—the Sacred Feminine—in which we find hope for our world. It is the missing ingredient that brings acts of creation today into balance.

In balance, we heal, attract our right partners, choose right action, and fulfill our destinies. This is what we discover at SpiritQuest:

If the Sacred Feminine longs to awaken in you, consider spending a week in ceremonies based in the Sacred Feminine, with your feet firmly planted in Mother Earth and your heart open wide to the mysteries of creation itself.