awakening in the mystery vision questDon’t you love it when you have a peak experience that opens your mind and heart to the wonder of the Divine?


I interview people from all over the world, and I have discovered that most of us, at some point in our lives, have had a spiritual revelation that opens us to the Divine within and around us.


In the moment of the peak experience, our lives are changed forever.


These revelations called visions, dreams, visitations, gnosis, psychic awareness—or however describe them—are moments when we know in our bones something about how the Divine works through life itself.


Ancient cultures talk about our walk upon the earth as a dream. Today we talk about it as the illusion. Life itself is not solid or permanent. It is malleable. Life is the reflection of our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, which can be static or changing. We can passively experience life without ever consciously choosing to engage life, or we can decide to be a conscious part of the mystery of life—aware of the dream while dreaming it.


For those of us that want a more conscious experience of the dream, I began offering Quests. Eighteen years ago, I was called by my ancestors to take people on Song Quests so they could hear their most sacred songs. Later, I was asked to take people on Vision Quests and through Rites of Passage.


For one week, each year, I devote my life to supporting people in consciously engaging the dream we are living together.


At Vision Quest, as the waking dream-time and the sleeping-dream time collapse into one fluid motion within a community of dreamers, peak experiences are the natural outcomes.


Simply put, you don’t have to wait for them to just somehow happen. As my elders taught me, you can create the space in which they are likely to happen.


Perhaps you have been looking for a way to participate in the dream of life more consciously. If you are looking, please allow me to introduce you to the mystical experience of Vision Quest.


Holding you in my heart and songs,

Reverend Misa