Recently, we have been creating our Volunteer page for the New Dream Foundation’s new web presence. When I made a list of all our wonderful volunteers and reflected on what they had done for the benefit of the New Dream Family, I just had to cry a little—in joy!

As a Communications Consultant, I spent many hours interviewing people for my clients to find just the right person to fill a position. What I knew then and now, is that when you find the right people and bring them together doing something they believe in—magic happens. The businesses I consulted for consistently prospered when the right people came into their circle of service.

With the Foundation volunteers there is yet another bit of magic happening. They are finding us. We extend the invitation, but there are no ads in newspapers and professional journals; no resumes or lengthy interview process.

We simply offer prayers before the sacred fire that the right people will find the Foundation if it will serve them. We simply warm-heartedly welcome community members to take advantage of every gift the Foundation can offer them to fulfill their deepest desires and dreams. We simply trust the right people will come together to create their magic—and they do.

Each volunteer gives their time and talent freely for something they believe in, and hopefully the Foundation is giving them what they need in return. Isn’t that an extraordinary way to live?

As we meditate and pray with the sacred nature of fire, we are learning what it means to become a compelling presence. Just think about a fire. Isn’t it easy to be drawn to anyplace that a fire is burning, like a campfire, a candle glowing at a restaurant table, a home with a cozy fire burning in its fire place? We can’t help ourselves. Fires have a way of drawing us near, drawing us together.

We tap into this natural power to draw people together, as we meditate and pray with the sacred nature of fire. That will be the focus of our Fire Meditation in May. So please join us, as we support you in attracting right people into your personal and business life.