As soon as I began to ask the questions I most dreaded, I began getting answers that whipped my life into perspective.

It is so much easier to simply assume I’m a great person who would not be inclined to hold resentment against someone or some institution I didn’t even know. And if I did, it would certainly be justified.

But that kind of thinking is an easy escape from looking honestly at myself.

When I started answering questions about how and when I hold resentment, I found I resent all kinds of things. I resent being interrupted with sales calls. I resent businesses who charge (in my opinion) exorbitant fees, or people who act like they have knowledge about subjects they actually know very little about. I resent people who lie to me or take advantage of me. I’m often jealous of people more successful than me. Indeed I do have resentments, which means I have multiple blocks to my own success.

Resentment likes to be fed with more reasons to resent and diverts constructive, creative energy away from attracting what I want. Resentment doesn’t consider other people’s points of view, nor does it embody compassion. Resentment is bad karma about to circle back on me.

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