In the past two months have you noticed:

• feeling tired more often
• wanting to sleep longer
• having difficulty sleeping
• getting interesting messages in the middle of then night
• experiencing surges of insight and awakening
• longing for more quiet space and time to contemplate
• wanting change and wanting it now
• slipping in and out of your body
• experiencing periods of dizziness or light headedness
• having wildly unusual dreams

• and all of it seeming to have increased since sometime around 11/11/11?

You are not alone and you are not going crazy. There is a huge surge of energy occurring and it here for you to ride. If you resist, as you know, it will be darned uncomfortable. Ah, but if you surrender…

It is a blessing.

I recently had a reading with Lea Chapin. I don’t often receive readings because I know myself and my journey pretty well, but something told me I would appreciate the time I spent with Lea. I did!

She suggested that healers are going through metamorphic change. I posed a question about this on Facebook and received some interesting responses. Plus, I’ve been receiving e-mails from some of you about some significant spiritual changes you are experiencing. One of you suggested that not only healers are experiencing this opening.

That is certainly possible, and I am noticing that healers, empaths, and highly sensitive people seem to be among the most affected. If you have been surrendering and opening to the Divine, you might be experiencing this metamorphic change.

So what do you do? Well, here’s the advice Lea accessed for me and it seems perfectly appropriate to pass along to you. Spend your time wisely. Get plenty of rest. Protect your energy.

I don’t recommend protecting yourself through seclusion. Rather I suggest you learn how to allow energy to pass through you with the grace of your compassion, and transform through the energy of your healing gift. The key is to not attach. Here’s an article I wrote at Inspired Healing that might give you some helpful insights about what you can do as an empath to protect yourself.

According to Lea, this energy is going to be active until early April, so may I suggest to you that you be very patient with this process. Remember to be kind to yourself. That rest you are longing for you truly need. That desire to have more time for contemplation is important. You may be realizing that you should be letting other people do the driving when it is time to hop in the car to go somewhere. You may need to ask for the support you need in order to integrate this energy fully into your body and your consciousness.

This Solstice Meditation and the Sound Healing Blessing at the end can help you with your integration process. In just 30 minutes you will learn a way of being present in your expanded state so that you can use your increased energy in service for the well-being of humanity and the planet. Then at the end, you receive a special blessing to help you integrate into the expansion.

One woman on the phone with us said that with the very first sound in the Sound Blessing she felt every cell in her body open up. You can listen to it here:

For some of you or for people you know this energy may be affecting feelings of depression and helplessness. If that is the case, consider taking advantage of any of the links in this article. Any one of these sources could offer assistance in being more present to this energy, allowing depression and despair to be loved and witnessed in compassion. Compassion is the great healer. In its arms, pain dissolves.

I hope you will share your own experiences in this doorway of awakening, since each of us experiences openings such as this in the most unique ways.