A truly new and beautiful form of self guided meditation has been given to me to share with anyone in need of greater peace, healing, emotional stability, and clarity in their lives. Unlike many meditations that work through the quieting of your mind, this meditation takes you into the quieting of your emotions.

One thing I have learned from years of spiritual counseling is that emotions often drive our actions more than beliefs and thoughts. When the emotional body is calm our mind follows, and we become clear about the choices we need to make for our career, relationships and health.

This beautiful meditation came to me through a Native tradition and was initially done by women only. Now, with so many men aware of the power of their emotions, the time is right for this meditation to be used by both men and women.

The goal of this meditation practice is to release your “limited body” and accept your “limitless self.” You could easily call this meditation a practice for becoming enlightened, specifically created with a woman’s energy and emotional nature in mind, while still accessible to many men. There are ultimately, three parts to the meditation. It is best to become very familiar and comfortable with the first step before progressing to the second and third steps. It is amazingly simple and easy to guide yourself through the meditation.

Best of all, those who do the meditation on a regular basis are reporting that life long issues are resolving almost effortlessly. You can read some actual stories at the New Dream Foundation web site! The essence of the meditation is this:

Allow your awareness (do not force this, but rather allow) to bring you something you feel limited about. Perhaps it is a fear you have, a concern or doubt, or a feeling that is uncomfortable for you. And hold that limit in the sacredness of your womb. Do not try to fix or change it for that would dishonor the wisdom that lives within the limit. Simply be with the feeling of this limit. As you hold it, feel your compassion swell within you, just as you would feel compassion for a child who was struggling with her or his limits. Simply be in compassion. Do nothing, except Be with it.

It will, in its own time, transform into a peaceful freedom. It might transform the first time you hold the limit in this way. It might take several or many times, but it will transform—on its own—in the presence of your compassion.

I recommend you visit the web site to become a little more familiar with its history and to read about some of the results people have been experiencing. You can go there now by coping and pasting this URL into your browser: http://newdreamfoundation.com/forums/index.php?topic=75.0. Or just go to the tool bar on the right and click on New Dream Foundation. When you get to the site, scroll down to the board on Spiritual Interests and click on Creation Meditation.

If it works for you, remember to pass this along to others who would love to experience more of their limitless nature.