Last weekend I attended a Women’s Business Empowerment Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona. There were many fantastic speakers, but the thoughts of a couple of speakers really stood out for me. Dr. Fern Kazlow and Dr. Barbara De Angelis talked about the importance of alignment. Both of them reminded us that when we are in alignment with what is right for us, the world reflects back to us the power of our alignment.

When we are aligned, we experience less struggle. We attract who and what we need. We make choices that are fully in keeping with our purpose. When we are in alignment, we are not confused.

In fact, Dr. De Angelis took this further, suggesting we are never really confused. We know exactly what we want and what is right for us. However, in our fear, we debate it. The longer we stay in the debate, the longer we don’t have to do anything. In essence she was qualifying confusion as an excuse.

I heard the truth in her observation. In my own life, I have discovered I either know or I don’t know. If I don’t know what I need to do, I find it is best to simply give thanks for the insight or information I am going to receive to give me direction. Then I go on with the work in front of me, paying attention to the insight when it comes.

When I know what to do, and I’m feeling fearful about it, one of the best ways through the fear is to begin taking action. And if the task ahead of me is really new, a good mentor or coach will help me identify the root of my fear, identify a method for overcoming the fear and hold me accountable to take action.

So are we ever really confused? I don’t know the answer for everyone, but I do think it is a great question to ask when we are feeling confused. “Am I really confused or am I afraid?”