I’ve seen and met angels wearing the disguise of ordinary people living ordinary lives. ~Tracy Chapman

When I’m looking for angels, I’ve learned to look right into the eyes of people around me. Yes, I do believe there are angels all around us—in the ethers and in physical bodies.

Angels are those people that give me faith in humanity. They are the ones that stop to help someone who is in trouble. They are quick to offer assistance or call 911 when there has been an emergency.

Angels are the ones that help their neighbor, loved one or a friend, before they have even been asked to help. They choose to be of service in whatever way they can. They recognize they can make the world a better place, one choice at a time.

Angels tend to look at seemingly impossible human and planetary challenges and ask themselves how they are going to solve the problems. And they tend to think everyone is as enthused as they are about taking action to make a difference.

They tend to go into challenging situations with their hearts wide open and with unfaltering conviction. Angels save lives and help people every day without any expectation of reward or acknowledgment.

They like to be inspired by touching stories and moments of truth. It isn’t unusual to see an angel with a tear in their eye as they watch someone else discover a wondrous aspect of the Divine for the first time.

Angels see earth as the great frontier of spiritual awakening and freedom. They recognize the sacred nature of earth herself, as well as the animals, plants and humans that live upon her. They know that the Divine is present in all things if we are willing to look and see beyond the surface.

Angels know they are here for a purpose, even if they can’t quite remember exactly what their unique purpose might be. While they know there is a universal mission they are a part of, they also know that if they remain true to their inner guidance, their individual reason for being here will be revealed to them.

They made commitments to be of service to the evolution of humanity and the planet, and they take their commitments seriously, yet with great love and lightness of heart.

Yes, I have met angels that live within the ethers. They are wonderful and inspiring to know! I am equally delighted when I meet one in a physical body. At the New Dream Foundation, we attract lots of angels. Most of the time, we call them volunteers, but I know who I’m really seeing.

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