I had a dream recently where just as I was about to say, “Yes,” in response to an invitation, I woke up. I’m not entirely sure why at that moment I awakened myself to full consciousness, but perhaps, I needed to be sure both my conscious and subconscious minds were in complete alignment. Knowing now that I am fully in alignment, the answer is, “A thousand times yes.”

Why such an emphatic response? Well, the invitation was an opportunity to explore love at greater depth—the kind of love where souls truly merge together to experience something beyond their individuality. For me, this invitation was an opening to live more of my intended desire and purpose.

A Tantric Master once asked me a question—the same question—multiple times in a row, and repeatedly I gave him the same answer. But each time my answer became more emphatic. You see, we weren’t going to begin opening my kundalini until I was absolutely certain my answer was, “Yes,” and every part of me was ready and in full alignment with that answer. If any part of me was in doubt, my concern or fear would have come up at some point within the repetition of being asked to state my intention, so many times.

We discussed the concept of complete alignment in our recent 7 Steps to Healing Anything Tele-Seminar because in order for healing to occur all parts of ourselves need to be in alignment. The same principle is true whether we are creating wellness, prosperity or attracting a soul mate. If one part of us is not in alignment, manifestation is difficult.

In healing, it is easy to find yourself having seemingly conflicting desires. Part of you wants to be fulfilling more of your life-work, while another just wants to rest and sleep. Still another part just wants to be making more money in a job that doesn’t demand too much, and another wants enough flexibility in your schedule to focus on your healing. Part of you wants meaningful relationship and another part of you doesn’t have the energy to give to a partnership.

At times, the parts actually seem to be in conflict with one another. It takes a great deal of inner listening, self-honesty and creativity to pull all the desires into alignment in such a way that your choices completely support your healing, so that ultimately you can fulfill your purpose for being here on earth.

During our last Tantra session together, this same Master explained to me that when you are looking for direction in your life, there is only one thing to do and that is to follow your purpose. Of course, you don’t know all of the possible ways your life will unfold when you are following your purpose. For all you know, you will align with your purpose only to discover yourself, later on, back in the parts department again, examining all the inner desires that pull on your energy.

You don’t know in advance what the unknown has in store for you. It isn’t appropriate to assume the path to your purpose will be easy or difficult, or be exactly the way you expect it to be. It is simply your purpose and your path. However, I have discovered you can reduce some of your anxiety by simultaneously affirming that embracing even more of your purpose will be as good for your life as what you currently experience or better.

You can choose not to live your purpose, but stepping away from purpose seems to create a gaping hole in your fulfillment quotient. Living your purpose has a rightness about it and brings a sense of fulfillment that cannot seem to be satisfied in any other way.

In my own experience, some new aspect of my purpose calls strongly when I have said a prayer—I have intended to be of greater service, experience more fulfillment, or live my deepest desires. If I allow myself to move through my fear of the unknown and accept the invitation, then when purpose calls it seems to me the answer to give is a resounding, “A thousand times yes!”

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