by Issa Wight

46779225_sIt was the morning after the full moon water ceremony. We gathered again for the last day of this powerful retreat. As we gathered, both our elder and our guardian were deep in communion with one another and as the circle formed, they shared with us.

Our guardian shared that she had crossed a line with our elder the night before. She shared what that meant to her and how the two of them crossed over…crossed beyond the infraction. It was no small matter for them or for us. Personal boundaries had been crossed in sacred space and they brought this back to the sacred circle for healing.

We women witnessed our guardian being vulnerable. She shared her underbelly with us. She shared how she was aware of the profound responsibility of guardianship and knew how easy it can be for someone to fall off the edge when they are in a position of leadership. The reason she agreed to the gift of Guardianship was because she knew that she had powerful people in her life that would hold her accountable if she “fell off the edge”.

DSC_0193We witnessed her falling off the edge and we witnessed her being pulled back and we loved her more deeply for her imperfection and humanity. Mostly we loved her and respected her more because of her honesty and willingness to be held accountable. As if this was not powerful enough, we moved into singing the next prescription and the space deepened.

We gathered around the Mother Bowl and we sang. As we sang, we each went to the bowl for our visions, for our healing and for healing of the waters of this world. My time came and I embraced the bowl…the Mother. As I was on the ground deep in the Mother Bowl, I heard the women singing and raising the energy, but then all went silent as if I was in the eye of a hurricane. All was completely clear and calm and I knew that She and I were in communion.

state-164775_640I moved away from the bowl and She stayed with me and sang our song too. Then, as our guardian began to close the circle, She, the Mother, spoke to me. She reflected on how we watched our guardian as she fell off her edge and we pulled her back and loved her more. Then the Mother turned to face me and asked me if I was, if we were willing to love Her, the Mother, when she fell off her edge. Were we willing to hold space for her in her imperfection and love her more deeply….She said….”Are you willing to do for me what you do for her?”

The circle closed and the presence of the Mother began to disperse…disperse into all that is
and I hear the question…Are you willing to do for me what you do for her. From everything, everyone, physical and energetic, I hear the Divine asking me to stretch and consider if I can do for the Divine what I am willing to do for humanity. And I know that I am.