This past weekend, some beautiful and powerful women gathered together to explore the true nature of their Sacred Feminine selves. It seems each woman that came expected to leave reborn in self-awareness and commitment, and so they were. We held each other, like midwives, throughout the weekend, witnessing the evolution of the women’s spirits. I was touched by the degree of compassion and truth I witnessed, and will hold this retreat as a benchmark for what the birthing of authentic, conscious evolution in the Sacred Feminine can truly be.

The Grandmother spirits of this sacred path gave us with their teachings about what we need to realize as we women, (or for you men—the women in your lives), when we hear the calling and urgings of our sacred selves to take more action in the world. The Grandmothers told us that when we receive a calling from the well of our truest desires, that such a calling is not a toy to play with. To dabble with our callings is disrespectful to ourselves. They suggest it is better to refuse the calling entirely than it is to play with them as if they are interesting hobbies to explore when we are in the mood.

They suggested that when we feel our true callings, and choose not to act we create a stagnant gap in the energy field. When we know what we should do and then ignore or delay our calling, we set up an energetic field that can actually cause harm to someone else. This was a very new concept for many of us to consider, but upon reflection, we understood the wisdom behind what was being suggested to us.

Let’s say I live in a remote, rural area where there are no nearby emergency services for injured animals. I feel called deeply and profoundly to create an emergency service hospital for animals, but don’t have the money or resources to do it myself, so I let this calling linger in the background, doing nothing about it. Because I recognize it as my calling, perhaps no one else in the area receives the calling or is drawn to that area to fulfill that calling. I am sitting on the energy, so to speak. Because I am not acting on the calling, injured animals are not receiving immediate care.

Here is another example, using the same basic concept. Perhaps I am feeling compelled to bring humane education about animals to the area that I live. I’ve been watching some rather unconscious behaviors toward animals and since animal care is a passion of mine, I know I should develop or bring in a humane education program for adults and children. Because I have so many pulls on my time from my job, husband and children, I keep telling myself I’ll get to this one day when things calm down a bit in my life. One day I hear from a neighbor that a local man known for abusing horses had a son that died while abusing his horse in the same way he learned from his father.

In the collective consciousness there are unspoken agreements about where and how significant energetic responses will arise. These responses are sometimes means for preventing further harm and increasing harmony. If you choose to act upon your calling, you are filling a perceived need identified by the collective consciousness. If you recognize the calling and claim it as your own, the collective-unified mind of humanity acknowledges you as the one fulfilling it. If you don’t act on the calling, the need is left unaddressed, and this is where someone may experience unnecessary harm or a greater degree of harm than might otherwise occur.

So, what do you do if you accept the calling, but can’t seem to bring it into manifestation within an amount of time you consider to be appropriate? Consider giving it back to the collective consciousness, so that someone else has the opportunity to respond. Or if you sense a calling and just can’t do it at the time, it is better to say, “No thank you,” than it is to sit on the calling and do nothing. Maybe it will or won’t get done, but at least you will have been clear and honest about what you are willing and able to do, allowing space for someone else to step in.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes several people seem to get the same idea at the same time, or someone runs with an idea you have had? There are times when the collective consciousness knows that it is time for an idea to come to its fruition, so the idea is seeded among many. If for any reason you are not ready or able to bring the idea to its fulfillment, then someone else will. This is nothing to become jealous about or degrade yourself about. This is cause for celebration. It means that some aspect of the Oneness experiencing life on earth has brought life to a desire so that you and everyone needing and wanting that experience can be fulfilled. If you open up to the Divine, you will discover there is something else waiting for your loving touch and energy.

Certainly, there are times when you recognize your calling and you don’t have the full compliment of skills and resources required to fulfill the calling. This can be the time to hold a clear vision and open up for help. It isn’t necessarily your job to figure out how something is supposed to get done, but rather to fully embrace the vision, share it with others that might want to participate, and hold space for the community to step forward in an act of co-creation with you and Spirit.

For thousands of years, women as a whole have been conditioned to respond to the needs of our family, with our family members being the focal point of our lives. As a result, we can find it foreign and challenging to allow our family members to learn lessons without us. Instead of getting on with what we came here to do, we allow the needs of others (who can often do more for themselves without us) to consume our attention. Our obsession with them provides a place for us to hide so that we don’t have to face our fears by stepping out to do what we are truly called to do.

The Grandmothers tell us it is time to stop hiding. The world needs us now. During the next six to seven years, our planet and humanity are going to experience some revolutionary changes. We can bring our wisdom forward to be midwives to the process of planetary rebirth or we can hide in a back room of our consciousness. The choice is ours. And we are encouraged as the potential midwives of consciousness to choose wisely.

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