ceremony, sacred feminineIf you are not used to doing personal ceremony, I suggest you give yourself this experience.

The Universe responds to your clarity and commitment, and ceremony is a beautiful, loving way to set your acts of creation into motion.

People have been doing personal ceremonies for thousands of years, using a variety of approaches. So I recommend this above all else:

– Open your heart and let it lead the way
– Follow your intuitive guidance
– Be present to and conscious of Divine presence

Here’s what you will need:

– A private, quiet space
– Sage to burn to clean the space (If you can’t do sage, visualize yourself and the space cleansed by a waterfall before you being your ceremony.)
– Ceremonial objects for the altar that speak to your heart

ceremony, sacred feminineYou can use the following steps to get yourself started in a ceremony for focusing in the sacred to manifest your acts of creation.

To Prepare:

  1. Determine your intention for manifestation– make sure it is clear.
  2. Determine a location that would feel safe and special to you.
  3. Consider the elements you can place on an altar that would give your ceremony. meaning—a bowl of water, a candle, a feather, a flower, a crystal or any other sacred object.
  4. Take a shower or wash up and dress in a way that makes you feel good about yourself.
  5. Cleanse the space with sage or the meditation recommended above.

Begin Your Ceremony

  1. Place your ceremonial objects on the altar.
  2. Ask your guides to come support you.
  3. Consider your intention. Write it down or speak it out loud.
  4. Ask yourself what fear comes up when you think about fulfilling your intention.
  5. Honor the fear as a protective device, and release it in the burning sage or meditation.
  6. State your intention once again.
  7. Sense, see, hear, or feel yourself fulfilling that intention, with gratitude.
  8. Thank your guides for all of the support they have given you and honor them with a song, poem, or prayer.
  9. Ask your guides to assist you in manifesting your intention.
  10. Affirm that you will pay attention to and honor their guidance as you recognize it.
  11. State or write down what action step you will take as soon as the ceremony is over to affirm your commitment to your intention.

Close Your Ceremony

  1. Thank your guides and release them from the ceremony.
  2. Give thanks to each object on your altar as you remove them.
  3. Ground yourself by eating and drinking something.

Keep in mind that the real power of a ceremony is not in its complexity, it is in the clarity and heart you bring to it!

ceremony, holdingThe real power deepens and expands as you learn how to become the sacred space that deeply Holds for yourself and others.

That’s what you learn how to do in the Keeper Apprenticeship program. The training takes you into the sacred art of ceremony, and helps you deepen your connection to the Divine, whether you are new to ceremony or a seasoned ceremonialist.

If you have ever:

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