Here are some ways to get through energy shifts like visions and spiritual downloads…

or support someone experiencing a significant shift in their energy.

During the past 3 weeks, I experienced what I would call the energy influx of an extended vision quest.

I was part in and part out of my body. I would start a sentence and it came out with the syntax mixed up. I would completely lose track of time. I could feel my ancestors close to me. Dreams were vibrant. Meditations were deep and rich, and I did not want to come out of them. And when I did come out, I was on fire with insights racing through me. I could barely write them down fast enough.

I tried to go about as usual and, as a result, created some chaos along the way. Had I established a safer environment for myself—the way I do with a quester—I might have had an easier time with things.

Perhaps, you can benefit from my lack of awareness and make things easier for you and those you love.

Remember, when you go into altered states, the people around you are affected to, so asking for support—and knowing what support to ask for—is helpful for everyone.

Here’s what I learned in those two decades of taking people on song and vision quests.

3 Tips for Surviving Major Energy Shifts

1. Before you say or do anything, Hold in love.

If you are going through major transformation, be sure to give yourself space before trying to talk about your spiritual experience with anyone. I recommend plenty of quiet time Holding your experience in love and gratitude. Let the silence help you energetically integrate all that is vibrating in the cells of your being.

2. Incubate your vision or download.

Ask your loved ones to support you physically and emotionally because you are probably in a fragile and vulnerable space. You had to open your consciousness wide for this peak experience. So be specific with them as you ask for what you need. Do you need more quiet time? Do you need fewer social obligations? Do you need more self-care time? Your vision or download is like a newborn child. You and it need time to get acquainted with each other—just the two of you–as you slowly integrate back into everyday life.

3. Share selectively.

This one can be challenging because sometimes the realizations are so exciting, we immediately want to share them with the world. But the reality is everyone isn’t ready for them. Too often the insights don’t make sense right away to anyone else but you. They can be rich in symbolism that you need to interpret. When you do share, talk to someone who can quietly listen and appreciate your experience, preferably with little commentary.

Initially, I recommend starting by asking for only positive and supportive feedback only. There will be plenty of time later for analysis.

As you deepen in your understanding of what you have received, thoughtfully select people who can support what you have received as you look at practical applications for the wisdom that has come through you.

It is your sacred vision or download, so it is yours to honor, protect, and appropriately share.

Last thought… If you experience emotional chaos…

As you try to adjust to the bliss and ecstasy of your experience, emotional turmoil often follows as your body, mind and emotions try to integrate powerful energy insights.

You may need additional tools for any chaos that is stirred up. Ancient Sacred Feminine practices were created to help you navigate through the chaos so you can use this energy to fulfill your sacred purpose.

When I got caught in the recent energy influx, these were the practices I used and they pulled me through.

They are perfect for those receiving visionary energy and those supporting people through these sacred moments. You can access them in my SHE: Doorway to the Divine video program.

Although the program is oriented toward healing (on all levels), the basic concepts will help you with energy shifts. Be sure to check out Stages 2 & 3. They have specific application for your needs with visions and downloads.

And by following these three steps, you are giving your newly-born vision or download its best opportunity to bring its sacred gifts into your life and into its highest service.