givingaway (1)Most of us want to make a difference. And most of us really want to make that difference by fulfilling our life purpose…if we just knew how to identify it.

In my 30 years of spiritual teaching, counseling, and offering vision quests and women’s retreats, I’ve discovered these three mistakes women make when seeking their life purpose.

At the end I’ll share with you Four 1,000 Year Old Prescriptions you can use to help you identify and fulfill your purpose.

1 – Don’t Rock the Boat Syndrome

Have you ever noticed how you can find yourself stepping back from your true purpose when you don’t want to make waves in your life. You are saying to yourself, “My husband won’t approve. My kids won’t understand. My parents and siblings will think I’m really strange.”

I remember how much energy is took years ago to tell my boyfriend, who was encouraging me to go back to college to get my masters degree, that the college environment was lethal to my health. He was brilliant and I was afraid he would leave me if I wasn’t intelligent enough. To be true to me and accept myself, I had to risk not being accepted by my boyfriend, and as it turned out my fear was greater than the reality.

Because you are afraid you won’t be accepted, you don’t give your loved ones a chance to accept you. You have our own unique statements to make in the world and your own unique ways of expressing. To be truly happy, deep down you know you need to accept your uniqueness, so that they can also accept you as you really are.

ruled-note-paper2 – Business Plan Syndrome

When you’ve gone into business plan mode, here’s what you are saying to yourself, “I have to have it all figured out before I can begin. When I figure out how I can do what I love and make money, I’ll get started.”

If you rely on figuring everything out first, you never begin, because no one can figure out everything. Your heart-felt passions become a mental process, and you lose that wonderful feeling and wisdom that comes from being spirit-led.

If you check into your heart, you realize your purpose can’t be figured out. It comes from the well of your most inner being – out of the stillness and acceptance of your Sacred Feminine Energy. Approaching it from your Sacred Masculine energy, that wants to figure it all out, can’t get you where you want to go. Your sacred purpose comes from the deep well of your being.

sacred-feminine-lights250w3 Shiny Objects Syndrome

If you believe that fulfilling your purpose will limit your freedom, you might have the Shiny Objects Syndrome. You are thinking things like, “ I like being able to travel whenever and wherever I want. I like having so much time with my kids and my kids really need me right now. I like having the freedom to work on creative projects, paint the house, and landscape the yard.”

I’ve learned over the years that if I’m making myself busy with activities I’m avoiding my purpose. It means some part of me is really afraid to release the inner obstacles that are keeping me from fulfilling my sacred contract.

With some exceptions, like a family member being in the hospital, these activities are really distractions. Underlying the distractions is the ultimate fear – “What if I fail at what matters most—the sacred contract I came here to fulfill? I could fail at a lot of things, but not that.”

Deep down you know you came here to fulfill something. Your soul made a contract about what you would fulfill:

1) to learn something that sets your soul free and
2) to offer your unique talents in service to the freedom of humanity.

I’ve counseled numerous loving women and men who were not satisfied in life because they could sense, but not remember the sacred agreement they had made. In your sacred contract, your soul set the conditions for the unique talents you would need in order to more easily live in your joy. When you engage your sacred contract, you find tremendous strength and resources you didn’t realize were available to you. You awaken in the joy of who you really are.

Uncover your Sacred Contract with the 4 Prescriptions

Your sacred contract established parameters to help you navigate through life, so that you wouldn’t feel lost—so that your life would have meaning as you intended. But sometimes we have difficulty remembering that agreement, and become tense, stressed and stuck.

There are four areas in which we typically become stuck in identifying our
life purpose as spiritual women. They are related to:waterfall2

– Surrender
– Acceptance
– Desire
– Commitment.

These four areas in which we can feel trapped are the same areas in which we find our release and freedom.

1,000 years ago they were called the 4 Prescriptions. I often take people into sacred journeys into the 4 Prescriptions during retreats because they reveal so much about your authentic self and your sacred purpose.

Each of the 4 Prescriptions, fully explored, reveals levels of subconscious beliefs and feelings that draw you closer to your purpose and they also who you the ways in which you distance you from your purpose. Within that awareness of truth, you become empowered to make conscious and empowering choices in fulfilling and living your life purpose.

You can also receive support in gaining a deeper understanding of your sacred contract and life purpose through a Life Path Reading. In these readings, I access your sacred gifts and answer your three most significant questions about your life journey. We get right to the underlying qualities that are best for you in expressing your sacred nature.

If you are open to rocking the boat a bit, letting go of trying to figure out your purpose, and stepping away from the shiny objects, you’ll be able to access a state of deeper consciousness where your true purpose can be accessed.

That’s why I take people into quests, retreats and sacred journeys (in person or virtually). You can listen here to a free webinarDiscover Your Sacred Purpose where I share 2 steps you absolutely need to take in order to discover your true purpose, and more.

When you step out of the day-to-day world and receive insight from your sacred wisdom, you can move forward in confidence, knowing you are completely aligned with the Divine.

From this place, you have the support of the entire Universe at your disposal! That’s the power of purpose.