by Ariann Thomas

womens-ceremony-Ariann-2015I have been attending women’s groups, talking circles and ceremonies since I was in my 30’s. Once I moved out of feminine ‘support’ groups and into more spiritual women’s circles and ceremonies, I noticed a different quality to the groups. Although the intimacy was the same, there was a sense of love, support and encouragement to develop and move forward on our individual path to self-fulfillment and connection to the Divine.

Over the years I noticed by attending a particular ceremony regularly with a specific circle of women, I build an energy platform that continually elevates my spiritual energy. Even if different women come and go, ceremonies create special energy with whichever women attend. Group energy takes me to places deeper than I can get to on my own. When I am in a sacred space with a core of special women praying and talking, an energetic foundation forms and strengthens my spiritual connection.

After attending one women’s ceremony for over a year I had my first direct personal experience with the Divine or Awakening during an extended meditation. There were about 25 women present. The leader led us into a deeply meditative state with subtle music playing in the background for about 45 minutes.

I was lead out into the stars, to the galaxy, to the universe and then to the end of the universe and beyond until I could see the edge of the next universe. At that moment I knew all there was to know of the Divine and of Creation. I was one with All That Is. I can still recall that moment in time. I can still recall the feeling within me. I still know deep in my soul what it is to touch Great Spirit.

Without regularly attending this ceremony, with these particular women and the energy of this particular circle I do not believe this experience would have happened. I continue to maintain my spiritual consciousness by daily meditation and attending my women’s ceremonies. Then my connection to Spirit stays strong.

I have continued to have mystical experience since that first awesome one. I meet with Great Spirit through my connection with the Women’s Water Ceremonies and as an Elder and a Keeper of the Water Ceremonies. My monthly attendance at the Water Ceremonies keeps me in touch with the Sacred Feminine and my sacred self.

I urge every woman to find a sacred practice that calls to you and your spirit and regularly attend to that practice. It has made my spiritual life deeper and richer.