The recognition of your Divine beauty.

From the deep, quiet silence, I hear a simple response, “2012 is the year that truth emerges.” Then I hear, “Focus on truth and forward thinking.” I had asked into the silence what 2012 holds in store for us, and the silence responded with elegant clarity. It holds truth.

Living in and with truth sounds easy until you commit to it. Truth has a way of showing you how incredibly beautiful you are. In fact, you are so immensely beautiful you might find it difficult to accept the depth of your splendor as truth. Yet, it is within your potential to know that the reality of your beauty is as natural as your breath.

That much beauty, unrecognized and unseen can be denied. When we deny our innate nature as lovingly beautiful beings, we manifest another truth—one in which we become disappointed in ourselves. Disappointment can become depression, regret or even self-loathing, as we struggle in the pain of our separation.

Living in truth takes courage. Living in truth means that you are willing to be lovingly present to everything you are feeling and experiencing, whether you deem it to be beautiful or ugly.

When the truth of who you are is met with love, the ugly parts can finally rest—no longer needing to scream for your attention and love. The beautiful nature of you emerges naturally in an environment in which you love and honor what you are experiencing.

One of the fallacies in modern spiritual practice is that you can somehow bypass the uncomfortable truths in your spiritual development. As often as I have attempted to do that, I have not found that it is possible to see the fullness of my beauty without also acknowledging those places in which I have separated myself from my Divine beauty.

Why? Divine beauty is limitless. Therefore, the place in which I have separated from my Divine beauty is the very place within me that longs to remember my Divine essence. By being lovingly present to what I experience as distasteful or disappointing in me, I create an environment of self-love and self-acceptance that allows me to rest from my struggle.

The minute the mind and emotions fully stop and rest, the truth of my beingness opens up to me and I can feel, see, and know a greater experience of my limitless, Divine, and beautiful nature.

From the clarity of that realization, I know how to live my life. Forward thinking to me is crystal clear wisdom that guides me in decisions that will benefit me, not just in the moment, but far into the future of my life. Clear wisdom has a way of benefiting me and also those I am here to serve.

Isn’t it wonderful when you make choices from that place of clarity that knows and sees beyond what your mind typically understands for its day-to-day survival? That is one of the gifts of being present to whatever truth is longing to emerge in the moment. It is the gift that comes when we allow our painful feelings to be witnessed, giving them our full attention, so that they can finally rest. And in return for our commitment to such self-love, we become radiantly aware of our own Divine beauty.

I hope you will consider allowing 2012 to be a year in which you are willing to discover and explore the profound and wonderful truth of you.