Whether you are doing something special for yourself, honoring your mother or partner, or acknowledging someone that has give you motherly love, the recognition is deep when we see the sacred in someone. In addition to taking yourself or her out for a special meal and buying flowers, consider doing something that will touch deeply—maybe even for a lifetime. In fact, you can honor the spirit of your mother is she is still here with you or on the other side.

Here are a few ideas to help you out. Most of these are suggestions for you to do for another, but if you are creative you can do them for yourself as well, and some will apply if your mother is watching you from the other side of the veil:


  1. Talk to her and tell her what you love most about her spirit.
  2. Invite her on a walk to a beautiful place to enjoy Mother Nature. Notice how she quickly finds her inner peace and inner glow as she connects to the earth. Women and the earth share a special bond in the Sacred Feminine.
  3. Take her to a creative event, such as a dance, theatre performance, or art gallery. The Sacred Feminine blossoms in creative expression. The more involved she gets to be the better.
  4. Write about the ways in which you are grateful for her presence in your life, especially the qualities you might take for granted.
  5. Create an experience that will delight her senses. In the Sacred Feminine, women love the subtleties of creation, and the senses open her to the wonders of life.
  6. red-rose@300wTell her what you have you learned from her that will last forever.
  7. Notice which of the sacred elements she loves the most. Is it earth, water, wind or fire that she gravitates toward when she seeks refuge? Create a special experience for her around that sacred element.
  8. Give her some time that is completely for herself. Relieve her of her responsibilities for a few hours or a day so that she can explore her inner silence or her creativity.
  9. Send her to a sacred event, so that she can experience living in the Sacred Feminine with harmony with Mother Earth.
  10. Better yet, go with her so that she really knows you love and honor her precious and sacred nature.
Of course, most of all, let her know how much you love her as she is, with all of her frailties and strengths. For this is the greatest nature of the Sacred Feminine—to hold and love all in its suchness.