Mary Magdalene reveals the most significant spiritual root of all illnesses and the greatest spiritual cure

The newest book in the Sacred Feminine Awakening series shows you how to help others heal the single spiritual cause behind illnesses.

Misa shares the vision behind the books

This book on Healing Others builds upon the previous one, so that you DEVELOP your skills in healing yourself before you help others. So if you don’t have a copy of the earlier book on Healing the Self, you might want to get a copy of each, today.

In both these books, which are the second and third in the overall Sacred Feminine Awakening series, Misa also interweaves Mary’s teachings with her Native ancestors’ practice of Holding, which gives you a context for integrating Mary’s wisdom into your daily life.

Misa covers Holding in a Native way in depth in the very first book in the Sacred Feminine Awakening series, The Emergence of Compassion. So please consider getting all three books if you want to start at the beginning.

What people are saying:

I was thrilled to receive the second installation in the Mary Magdalene series, Wisdom From Mary Magdalene on Healing Others. This is wonderful and comes at a great time in my learning as a novice healer. It really is all about helping people recognize God’s love for them and in them. The Holding practice is the perfect way to help someone recognize how to experience God’s love. I appreciate the part about understanding what gets in the way of healing and how we, as healers, need to recognize the underlying story that causes resistance. Thank you for sharing this wisdom!

Becky Prater

Owner of Beckons Yoga Clothing, Professor of Fashion at The Art Institute of Colorado and Johnson & Wales University

Mary Magdalene’s Divine connection resonated deeply within me. As a healer I found her insights and direction powerful and inspiring. Every healer should read this book to deepen their healing capacity.

Ariann Thomas

Author, "Healing Family Patterns: Ancestral Lineage Clearing for Personal Growth"

[Sacred Feminine Awakening: Wisdom from Mary Magdalene on Healing the Self] is an extraordinary book, a seminal work on the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine. Not only has Misa Hopkins channeled revelatory material sourced from Mary Magdalene, but she has added to this the profound teachings from her own spiritual lineage and traditions, which stem from the First Nation People of North America. In her exposition of the power of ‘holding’, the feminine way to both accessing one’s sacred wisdom and healing oneself and others, she has gifted us immeasurably. Every woman needs to know about the power she contains within her being, and no one explains it better than Misa. Every woman needs this book. Give it to your daughters.

Marie Herbert

Author, "Healing Quest"

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