We love connecting heart to heart with you at our ceremonies and meditations.

sacred feminine, Holding, compassion, love, empathy And we are delighted that you are here to help support deep and meaningful experiences in the Sacred Feminine through our scholarship program.

We recommend you make a gratitude gift of $10 or more when you attend our ceremonies.

Your gift goes to our scholarship fund, so that new Keepers of the Water Ceremony can be trained to offer these ceremonies in-person. This fund also helps people attend Sacred Feminine Retreats and Events.

On behalf of the women and men that benefit from your gift, a warm and smiling thank you!

Your donation will be received by New Dream Foundation, the sponsor of Sacred Feminine Awakening. New Dream Foundation is a 501(c)3 US non-profit. You donation may be tax deductable.

Donating from Washington D.C.? Please contact us directly using our contact page.