Meeting the 10 Emotional Needs of the Soul

Sacred 10-Part Audio Series with Mother Misa

  • Would you like to feel completely loved, accepted, acknowledged and honored?
  • Would you like to know where you belong and fit in?
  • Would you like to experience deeply, knowing you matter and are wanted in this world?

Many of the difficulties in your life originate from unmet needs at the soul level, which have left you with unseen traumas and gaps in your evolution, affecting your self worth, career and relationships.

Mother Misa has been divinely gifted with a Sacred Feminine-based way to heal the unmet needs of your soul for your life and entire being, so you can fulfill your most important desires.


A Sacred Process to Honor Your Soul

Mother Misa is a Wisdom Holder of a Women’s Path to Awakening. She is the lineage holder of a rare, sacred 1,000 year mystical tradition of healing and evolution for the soul. This has brought forth a miraculous Divine Feminine style of meditation, energy healing & soul repair called “The Holding” meditation process.

She was gifted this profoundly transformative process by the “The Grandmothers,” Wise Beings, that guide the way back to healing and enlightenment in a uniquely Feminine way.

Rather than sending energy for healing, Mother Misa’s unique, ancient process of Holding in the Sacred Feminine invites you into the primordial womb of life for healing and rebirth.

Misa has been initiated by the Grandmothers to Hold this space for others, and teach this pathway of awakening.


Image what your life would be like if you could nourish and repair your soul at every stage of life by meeting these 10 core needs at the perfect time and place.

“I would not be alive if it were not for Misa, …. I am Free”

A New Way to Approach Emotional Pain and Emotional Healing

Mother Misa says …

“It began with a vision from a past life in which I remembered what it was like to be wanted and received at the time of my birth.  I had no idea I needed to remember this, or that it could fill me with so much joy.

For years, I have taught that in order to heal and expand in consciousness, we need to discover and meet our unmet emotional needs.

Those emotional needs have included feeling heard, seen, respected, honored, validated, appreciated, worthy and accepted.
During this recent ceremony, I was given a new way to look at our emotional needs.

All the core needs identified above are encompassed within what the Grandmothers describe as the 10 emotional needs of the soul.

These insights, as given to us by Grandmothers on the other side of the veil, are part of the Path of the Sacred Feminine. And we have discovered that their wisdom about the healing of emotions was (and still is) quite profound.

Because of humanity’s current state of evolution and each person’s karmic lessons, not all of these needs get met in most people’s lives at their appropriate times.

But if all our soul’s emotional needs were not met with the love and help of our communities, the needs can still be met in anyone’s life with this divine process we were shown.”


A Priceless Opportunity for Your Life and Soul to Heal Completely
from lifetimes of hurt, wounds and unmet needs.

Here’s how it works:

During this loving and gentle 10 Week Experience with Mother Misa, she will teach you how to use the ancient and proven practice of Holding your emotions.

As you learn how to Hold, you will be able to release and repair trauma, memories, karma and scars from the unmet emotional needs of your own soul.

As the emotional scars heal, you naturally feel fulfilled as the needs are met. You now have the energy to thrive and fulfill your soul’s destiny.

Knowing how to Hold prepares you to meet your needs now and at any future moment in your soul’s evolution.

In each session…

  • Mother Misa discusses the significance of this emotional need in your soul’s evolution.
  • She identifies what kind of experiences you tend to have when the emotional need is not met in your life.
  • Then she identifies how your life will be different as this unmet need is finally fulfilled.
  • She takes you into a deep, guided meditation in the Sacred Womb of Creation to unravel the burdens you have carried and meet the unmet need in all-accepting love, so that you are free to live in your light and beauty.

The 10 Emotional Needs of the Soul

Sense into the following 10 Emotional Needs of the Soul, and if you feel tenderness, emotion or sensation as you read, you will know this area needs to be addressed for the well-being of your precious soul.

In this Session we will heal Pre-womb and in the womb

Feeling Wanted – anticipating you with desire

Before you entered your mother’s womb and during your mother’s pregnancy with you, your soul longed to feel wanted. If you didn’t experience this, you end up feeling unwanted, as though you don’t belong. In this session we enter the primordial womb of life so you can feel the Divine anticipating you when your soul was first conceived.

In this Session we will heal Birth

Being Received – welcoming you into family (at the time of birth)

When you were born, your soul longed to feel both your parents welcoming you into their family and your journey together. If this didn’t happen, you can feel rejected and alone, and have difficulty receiving life’s gifts. In this session we energetically recreate your birth so you feel truly welcomed and able to receive blessings, prosperity and love from others.

In this Session we will heal ages 0-3

Held in Wonder – Delighting in your unique explorations and perceptions

Your soul longs for others to be delighted with you and your discoveries. If you didn’t experience this sense of wonder, you tend to feel disconnected and lost. You find it difficult to be excited about the experiences of others. In this session we Hold you in feeling the delight you had as a child, discovering what intrigued you when you arrived. You rekindle your excitement for being alive.

In this Session we will heal ages 3-7

Being Appreciated – honoring your attempts as much as accomplishments

You are discovering what you love to do. Being appreciated for both your attempts and successes gives you courage and a sense of value. Without it, you can be overly cautious, or feel taken for granted or used. During this session we will Hold in appreciation the qualities you take for granted or have forgotten so you can remember and fall in love again with what you love to do.

In this Session we will heal ages 7 – 13

Feeling Needed – helping you see how your community involvement counts

During your youth and tween years you learn that your contributions can make a difference. Your role in community matters. When you don’t feel needed, you feel superfluous or not good enough. In our session, we’ll Hold the talents you displayed when you were young, enjoying them so they can flourish once again for meaningful service and personal satisfaction.

In this Session we will heal ages 11 – 19

Being Accepted – recognizing the significance of your ideas and feelings

At this time, you discover the aptitudes and perceptions that make you unique. Without this, you feel like you have to put up with life, don’t have choices, or have to rebel to make things happen. During this session, we’ll Hold the places in you that long to be accepted so that you can easily see your options and the ways you are a unique and important contributor to life.

In this Session we will heal ages 20-40

Being Acknowledged – nurturing and challenging you to make a difference

As an adult and as you develop mastery, you want to be acknowledged for the difference your contributions make in the lives of others. When this doesn’t happen, you can think too little or too much of your accomplishments. In this session, we Hold the parts of you that have not been acknowledged so you can feel pleasure and appropriate pride for you achievements.

In this Session we will heal ages 40-90

Feeling Recognized – honoring your bodies of work and legacies

Most of us want to leave a legacy that will be remembered when we are gone. You feel recognized when you know you have touched lives and others know it too. Without it, you can feel resentful or jealous of others. During this session, we’ll Hold you in recognition for your bodies of work, so you can feel the power of your contribution and connection to future generations.

In this Session we will heal Transitions

Being Released – letting you go from earth to make a joyful transition (dying)

You easily release to the Divine when over the years you have forgiven yourself and others for regrets or resentments, and you are ready for complete and loving Divine grace. Without grace, death can be a struggle. In our session, we’ll enter into grace to let go of struggles you have been carrying, freeing you to live with greater ease and joy, and preparing for a joyful final release.

In this Session we will heal Honoring Your Lives

Being Remembered – honoring you for touching people’s lives (other side)

After you cross over, your soul longs to know your life had meaning. Without it, you can become a soul trapped between worlds. In our Holding, we will honor the results of your life so far, so when the time comes, you will know how to reverently honor the blessings your life has given to all of us. When it is time, you will feel truly free to return to the Divine.

Misa has seen Holding bring significant moments of transformation to hundreds people

Here are just a few examples:


3 New Career Opportunities for my Husband
One of my clients Held her husband’s intention to have a more satisfying job, and in one week created three new career opportunities for him.


Saw the Cancer Cells Leave my Body
I used this same meditation to heal cancer cells I found in my body during meditation, and that awareness was then confirmed in a dream. Every day for over a month, I Held that part of my body and emotions as I was watched layers of present day resentments and past life memories emerge and dissolve, until eventually another dream confirmed that the cancer was gone.


Depression Left and Never Came Back
A friend and colleague of mine used The Holding to heal her chronic, genetic depression. She had been depressed for 15 years. She did the Holding meditation every day, and one day she said, “I watched the dark cloud leave and it has never come back.” That was over three years ago.

Here’s What People Are Saying:

I was recently guided to “find” your work again and have been journeying with your Holding guided meditation. It is a most sacred and whole journey. I feel I am beginning to find my sacred feminine and birth my sacred and Divine I AM of Joy. I am most grateful to you Misa. Thank you.


I am most grateful to Misa and the Grandmothers for bringing to us this most profound of gifts! All the recordings and meditations in the program, with Misa’s beautiful voice and delivered with so much loving-kindness, transmit deep, deep wisdom about our human journey. I have found in every each one of them a compass for my return home …


Vancouver B.C.

Thank you for always giving me great advice and thank you for the Holding of the 10 needs of the Soul. It really helped me on my next step of my healing journey and brought some very valuable insight.


I had a great time with the program. I learned to connect with my inner child and experience feelings I normally buried. Misa was very gentle and very patient. Her meditations guided me through the different stages of childhood, which increased my understanding of what I was missing inside. This program is great if you’re looking for help with healing parts of your childhood and with connecting with your inner child. Misa will guide you through each step of the way. You won’t regret anything.

Polina Tchernova

I have been thinking for awhile to send you this email, to let you know how grateful I am for the course. Although not too much is going on that is visible outside, on the inside ‘I’ve been moving mountains’ 🙂 The first few weeks had a profound healing effect on healing my childhood traumas. I feel like something deep has shifted.

Just before I managed to listen to the final week 10 “Being Remembered” recording I went on pre-arranged visit to my family. I found myself having totally different, more positive feelings towards my parents and other family members. I think perhaps i’ve been expecting something they could never give me despite how much they tried, and I could never appreciate their efforts because they didn’t know how to meet my exact emotional needs. This time, I actually felt all the love and care they’ve given me throughout my whole life. I was able to be less judgmental and help them. When I got home and I listened to the final recording and felt even deeper waves of healing and release. On top of that my relationship with my partner dramatically changed for better, as well as with my son.

I also had a profound realization—I ‘understood’ on a deeper more profound way what divine feminine and masculine means, at least in terms of something that feels relevant for me right now, and I’ve been feeling lots of healing and aha moments. Thank you very much once again for everything, I appreciate all the holding and healing you do, thank you for being who you are. Thank you grandmothers.



I had been aware of the holding meditation that Misa shares for quite a few years – and had used it for periods of time as I’ve worked with different personal challenges.  When I signed up for the class, I did so because I wanted to have a weekly experience of meditation with Misa, but I wasn’t that sure about how much more was available to know.  Well, I can give testimony to the fact that there is a wealth of knowledge there that is vast – bigger than I can imagine.  Misa took me ever deeper into that wealth over the course of 10 weeks.  Her gentle, loving style is so inspirational — I want to be more like her and live from that place of joy and love that I sense in her all the time.  She is such a supportive and talented teacher who really knows the material and is so capable of listening and finding the learning and answers that are needed at the moment.  You won’t be disappointed if you decide to take this course.



Mother Misa’s Own Experience with Fulfilling the
First Emotional Need of the Soul

“I could see and hear my ancestor walking in the snow, hurrying to the Guardian’s lodge because her baby was about to be born. The baby was me. My mother knew my oldest sacred name and called me by that name. She already knew me and was excited that soon she would be meeting me in person. I felt profoundly wanted as her desire for me filled my entire being. I belonged.

Over the years, I’ve done a lot of work fulfilling unmet emotional needs. I could not have told you that I had an unfulfilled need to feel wanted. But there must have been some part of me yearning for that depth of experience.

When the emotional need to feel wanted was fulfilled, my life changed, instantly.

Feeling wanted is fundamentally about knowing how precious you are and that you truly belong.

When I came out of the visioning ceremony and was engaging in my daily routines, I noticed that I wasn’t as bothered by the little things that used to irritate me, like when my husband cleans up after dinner and forgets to put food back in the refrigerator.

As I reflected on what had changed in me, I realized I felt wanted, and now longed for him to feel wanted too. Instead of being irritated, I found new ways to communicate with humour and grace.

When you know that another human being has anticipated your arrival and knows your sacred name, it comes with a profound sense of belonging in the world. Your soul has been called in, out of a desire to be with you.” ——Mother Misa

Who is this for?

If you have ever felt lost, incapable, or as though you don’t belong, you have lost some part of your essential self.

In the soul’s journey, you forget your essential self so you can experience the joy of remembering it again.

But the imprints of people’s beliefs, values and emotional needs become entwined with your own, making it difficult to remember and fulfill your sacred contract.

By meeting your 10 Emotional Needs of the Soul with Misa, you reclaim your essential self to more easily and joyfully fulfill your soul’s most sacred desires.

This program will help:

  • Anyone experiencing recurring patterns or issues in their life
  • People who are stuck or experiencing a plateau in an area of life
  • Expectant mothers wanting to properly welcome in the soul of their child
  • Teenagers having trouble in school, who need to feel how much they matter
  • Partners having difficulty in their relationships or marriage
  • Caregivers for aging parents and family, who want to help them feel fulfilled in life
  • Anyone who has felt a nagging sense of not belonging or feeling like they fit in
  • Anyone struggling with weight, health or fitness issues they can’t solve
  • Individuals who have a hard time loving, liking or accepting themselves completely

A Priceless Gift to Yourself and Your Loved Ones
to Free Your Soul and Live a Life Healed of Pain and Problems

Discover the Divine Life You were meant to have.
Start Over Now with this life-changing class.

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Letting go of your burdens and opening to your soul’s true potential is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself in this lifetime. I honor you for making this choice.
—Mother Misa

Fulfill your soul’s most sacred contracts and desires by rediscovering your true essential self and your divine intention.

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